31 October 2012


This pumpkin figurine from the British Museum is made out of sugar in the form of skull, and would have traditionally been used for the Day of the Dead Festival. The stem of the pumpkin is wrapped in gold foil, as are the eye sockets... Less gore more gold, I say.
Scary that soon it will be time to think about Christmas... Hannah and I made this Day of the Dead inspired wreath a couple of years ago in Manchester, when we had too much fun decorating our cold house with insanely bright tinsel.

30 October 2012

Tate Tanks

I went to the Tate Tanks on Saturday morning after being told by a trusted source that the current exhibition was worth checking out.
Unfortunately I didn't catch any of the live performances, although part of me was quite relieved as I was on my own and had heard horror stories of being pounced upon by performers.
 I only took a couple of photos, which is a really good sign - far too busy being distracted by what was going on around me. I particularly liked some of the film produced by Sung Hwan Kim. Watching and listening to all the films, taking part in projections and creeping in to dimly lit rooms made realise that I probably need to be more open to other mediums of art.

The tank's space is amazing and surprisingly atmospheric, especially considering how many people were there when I visited. Looking forward to seeing what the next installment at the Tate Tanks will be.

Winter Dance

A busy morning spent yesterday, restyling looks for winter with our fave model... This was towards the end of the shoot when posing got a bit boring and dancing took over.

29 October 2012

Diamonds for All

For those of you who have lusted over Kate Middleton's engagement ring, lust no longer! Hurry down to Primark, where a real diamond of a fake is currently on offer.
Pretty funny.

26 October 2012

18th Jewels

 I have recently rediscovered these lovely Alex Monroe pieces that I was given for my 18th birthday... Which doesn't feel as long ago as it was! Monroe has truly hit the big time since.

25 October 2012


Last night Catherine and I went to the first ever reading of Tallulah Brown's new play, 'There's a Monster in the Lake' at The Calder Bookshop Theatre. The play tells the story of an old man and his daughters, who live in a world spliced with fantasy. It was brilliant and I'm so proud of Tallulah. Can't wait to hear more from her - I will be the first to tell you the next time she hits the big time!


I watched a really awful film while in Cornwall, 'Because I Said So', which stars Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore and the mother from Gilmore Girls... So perhaps it is unsurprising that it wasn't a cinematic triumph. Anything with Diane Keaton reminds me of Annie Hall - which I'm sure is the case with most people - and her tie/waistcoat/baggy trouser combinations.
I'm never sure if I love or hate this look. I have friends who can pull it off really well, I guess I'm just not one of them. More of a Patti Smith fan and her take on the androgynous look
I was interested to know who did the whole men's clothing thing first....so: Patti's album 'Horses' (above) which launched her into stardom was released in 1975 while Annie Hall hit cinemas in 1977. Go Patti.
I found this picture on the web of an Annie Hall face off. 
 Diane vs Kate
I think Diane wins this one, but it's Patti who trumps them all:
Patti onstage in 1978.

24 October 2012


Someone got a bit confused with the labels in this shop the other day.

A Printed Afternoon

I managed to prove myself as a sartorial magpie yesterday, spotting this lovely fur coat in the upstairs window of a house in Hammersmith. I am hoping no one saw me lingering outside this house taking pictures...
This apron reminded me that I've recently been wondering if it's time for Camo to take a rest - it's a favourite of West Polar, and I know she's been thinking the same thing... Can't work out if I love or hate this wipe clean version. What do you think?

22 October 2012

Fur Collared Coat

I am finding it really hard to part with this beautiful fur collared coat, sourced for One Off while in Cornwall. See it in full here.

19 October 2012

17 October 2012

Camborne, Cornwall

I am in Cornwall at the moment where it is currently so windy that I've had to wedge the front door shut with my DM. Yesterday marked a trip to Camborne, where there was many a picture worthy sight:
I almost got fleeced of my money:
I remember a phase when cool cats wore fleeces with stuff like a howling wolf and rising moon on it, in a kind of ironic Native American/Pocahontas way. This shop in Camborne is definitely the place to go to pick one up at a bargain price - or to get your own take on that trend, puppies anyone?
This really weirded me out:
A shoe horn back scratcher. Look at that mini plastic hand! The guy behind the till also waved me goodbye saying, 'GOODBYE MY SWEET'. Which sounds quite nice but it wasn't really, and it sent full on shivers down my spine.
 It's probably because I'm such a:
Trips to Camborne are too few and far between. Always so much to see.

12 October 2012

Wall of Pipes

I've never seen pipes cellotaped to the wall above the Lemsip before. I wonder if anyone ever buys them? Reminded me of an entire wall of pipes in Cheadle, Manchester.

11 October 2012

5 Autumn Style Tips

It seems it really is Autumn now. September is over, the tights have been pulled on and I have started carrying round an extra layer in my bag for when I finish work in the evenings. It's also a time when we are all thinking about our Autumn wardrobes - I accidentally won a pair of black ankle boots on ebay last night, blame Tessa - so here are my 5 picks from what One Off Style has to offer this Autumn.


Ok so let's forget about bare legs for now. I'm not brave enough anymore. I had one too many chilly nights in beer gardens, so I am now wearing my tights with pride. Slip on some 40 derniers, a cropped jumper and a pair of ankle boots or loafers and this is an easy, stylish look you will wear and wear.


 Trousers are everywhere this Autumn, so why wear a pair that a trillion people also have? Instead snap up this one off vintage pair of tailored navy trousers with a fine white check.

I really love to layer. It's such a great way of getting lots of different looks out of essentially the same outfit. Give yourself lots of options with this Denim Button Up Dress.

I have about 1,000,000 pictures of my hands on my phone at the moment - I love my Jessie Harris/One Off ring that much. Cheer up your chilly fingers this Autumn with some new silver.

This is on the website under 'Gifts' but why not treat yourself? We all wear so much black over the colder months - break it up a bit with this flash of colour.

There is lots more to choose from at One Off Style this Autumn, so you need never be stuck for outfit inspiration! See for yourself here.

9 October 2012

Pink Plastic

I acquired this plastic basket over the weekend, which I am looking forward to using on days when I'm not lugging my laptop or tons of notebooks around. Apparently my friend Molly used to have one of these when she was little which she would use to carry her guinea pig around. Practical, and stylish!

8 October 2012

DIY Jewellery Box

I had a home focused Sunday yesterday, which involved me trying to cull the piles of crap in my room and organise all the great stuff. Along the way I discovered this little box, which  once contained a charm from Roy Doble jewellers in Camborne, Cornwall but is now where I am keeping (some) of my rings. I think Mum made this glitter lined one, but there was definitely a stage when I was younger where I reinvented many a match box after watching a particularly good episode of Art Attack.


I finally got round to framing this drawing of New York over the weekend, which is now a new addition to my slightly overcrowded dresser

5 October 2012


Another pawn shop spot - a gold cowboy's saddle, in the middle of the picture.
While I'm in a cowgirl kind of mindset - here is a pillowcase I embroidered a while ago for Hannah's birthday, as well as loads of other great stuff from her treasure trove room.

4 October 2012

Wardrobe Raider

I am going through quite a bad phase of borrowing clothes... I have my own groaning clothes rails at home and have no shortage of things to wear, but some days all you want is something to shake up the normal run of things. Plus I have two wonderful wardrobes on tap at home so I am going to say it would be pretty hard not to be tempted.
Yesterday I wore a beautiful vintage dress of my Mum's which has a great print
Today I am wearing a jumper AND shirt of Tessa's... she busted me wearing them as she left for work this morning, so this blog post won't come as too much as a shock to her
(Sorry, couldn't resist)
But I'm also wearing a suede jacket of my Aunt's - she has actually given it to me though - which makes me look like a cowgirl. Always a great look.
These socks of Tessa's might be my fave loan so far though.
I've really got to stop all this poaching before something irremovable gets spilt on an irreplaceable garment.