29 June 2012


I caught up with a long lost friend today. And she had a great new purse
We strolled down a blustery Shepherd's Bush Market, and resisted temptation from every sparkly, sequined corner. Why this child's outfit doesn't come in grown up sizes is beyond me:
More beads sparkled away on veils attached to hair slides:
I wish there was someway of wearing a feather bower, cos they really speak to me on some level
These SOMALI and BARBIE necklaces, less so
I did however get one small keepsake from the trip. A little ring which I was subsequently told looks like a mobile phone
Very hard to leave unadorned from the market.

Summer Sale at One Off

One Off's Outfit Gallery is now offering lovely, stylish looks at even more affordable prices, as our Summer Sale starts today. Bargains galore with offerings such as this:
 Dungaree Dress, now £22
And this, my most favourite skirt, ever, now £25. 
Check it out!

Coming Soon #5

Our next Style Profile is in the wings, getting ready to make its debut on our Features page
Stay tuned.

28 June 2012

Floral Day

My flowery day started with a pair of floral lace socks I pulled on quickly this morning - their first ever trip out of the cellophane packet. Didn't realise that they were meant for people with twig legs and kind of cut off the blood to my very hot feet
At least they look nice
 Finished the day by unintentionally blending in with the roses in Holland Park while having a drink with Catherine.

26 June 2012

Pool Side

The postcard above the mirror in my bedroom from a trip to the Photographer's Gallery last month inspired me to take these poolside pictures on my phone whilst in Spain, two weeks ago.
Almost a bit torturous looking at them now though.
See here for some great Pool side outfits.

25 June 2012

Dee's Heart

Really love this heart and key clasp on Dee's necklace, and was reminded today of a pair of earrings nowhere near as nice that I bought months and months ago on Brick Lane... Must remember to try and dig them out.

23 June 2012

Dolce & Gabbana

I love it all....
The models remind me of the little Russian dolls we used to have on our matlepiece at home. And also very slightly of Natassja Kinski, here.

20 June 2012


I have been rudely awoken from the best dream that I never wanted to end.... Central Spain last weekend:
We started with a night in Madrid, my second favourite city, which involved Cañas, tortilla, roof top drinks and a midnight dinner
And then on to Oropesa by train (which we almost missed, having enjoyed dinner a little too much the night before...) Luckily we managed to squeeze in breakfast before we jumped on board, my favourite meal of the day
Note the unsual name of coffee stirrer and sugar packet....
This is the outskirts of village where we were staying, and have stayed a few times over the years. Full of sights and sounds that make me so happy, and I have definitely returned home refreshed.
So nice to have a chance to embrace summer clothing properly,  not that I packed very well and basically wore this for 4days
Trying not to make it look like all we did was drink...But really, one of these Gin and Tonics was worth the trip alone
In fact, so inspired am I buy this recent trip to Spain, that One Off is probably going to offer only Madrileña inspired outfits/flamingo dresses for the rest of the summer. Watch out.

12 June 2012

High Street Torcs

Reminded of my visit to Gold: Power and Allure exhibition by these Torc necklaces in H&M today...
I prefer the ancient ones, unsurprisingly.

Tegen Williams

Have you seen the latest One Off feature? Our most recent Style Profile takes a look inside the home of art student Tegen Williams, pictured above wearing a One Off silk jacket (also shown below).
Tegen's bedroom was a feast for the eyes, full of her own work as well as tons of interesting things to look at.
All features have been shot by the fantastic Lily Bertrand-Webb. Have a look at her work here.
Also new to the website is the start of our Summer Packages. Below is our first installment of these little bundles of joy - a hot pink linen beach dress, jelly rucksack and orange beaded bracelet.

10 June 2012

Polanski's Tess

If you haven't seen Roman Polanski's 'Tess' (1979), a film that very closely follows Thomas Hardy's 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles', you have a treat in store.
Although saying that, Hardy's tale is heartbreaking and Polanski's beautifully shot film is equally good at pulling on the heart strings. Natsassja Kinski is Tess and absolutely beautiful in it.
I had to watch it in short bursts the last time I saw it as it's too full on to watch in one sitting.


Towards the end of next week I am lucky enough to be going to Spain for a few days. Above are some pictures from a similar trip last year - an early morning breakfast (almost the best part of the day) and a baking hot Retiro park. I love Spain, and Madrid in particular, and have harped on about it before here and here.