13 December 2016


Christmas day outfit inspiration? Makes a change from sequins...
Bruce Weber and Clare Richardson for Vogue Italia last April

18 November 2016

15 November 2016

In stitches

Have been trying out some new embroidery stitches recently, and got inspired by what I was wearing....

8 November 2016

Washing Line

More from my story for British Girls Magazine, using a nightdress borrowed from my Grandma!
Shot by Anya Holdstock
Make up Adele Sanderson
Hair Kim Lomax
Styled by me

3 November 2016

British Girls

New editorial out in British Girls Magazine
Antonia Haswell
Shot by Anya Holdstock
Styled by me
Make up Adele Sanderson
Hair Kim Lomax
I LOVED working on this shoot!

28 October 2016

Out the window...

Handkerchiefs I just finished embroidering for my Dad's birthday
From 'Field of Vision' by Seamus Heaney


So much embellishment around for SS17! Had a great time at a few press days earlier this week - particularly loved the crazy plethora of embellishment on the Charles Jeffrey boxer shorts (above).

24 October 2016

Cashmere coming soon

Two cashmere giants collborate...
Image from Sibling x Brora Lookbook in this weekend's Telegraph magazine
Collection launches 26th October 
Styled by me!

6 October 2016

Framed glitter

Small Glitter Gyron, 1965
Gerald Laing
Liquitex on plastic and gold glitter plexiglass
Starry Night, 1965
Gerald Laing
Liquitex on plastic and blue glitter plexiglass
See these and tons more of Gerald Laing's work at The Fine Art Society, Bond Street. On display until 13th October

5 October 2016

Night bus

 Love this editorial for Vogue China, shot by Scott Trindle and styled by Tony Irvine

Wool Grass

Hermes, New Bond Street
Tapestries and bundles of wool made to look like grassy landscapes. This detail looking like something from under the sea. Much better description and photographs here

30 September 2016


Shot by Jonny Mallen
HMU by Anna Payne
Working on my website at the moment and looking through my old shoots. Big thanks to Anna's parents for this one, who lent us every rug in their house...

How I'll be looking on the beach this autumn

Lachlan Bailey and Geraldine Saglio for Vogue Japan
October 2016

28 September 2016


I always enjoy making the journey to Hauser + Wirth, Saville Row and peering in at tailor's workshops below street level.
Mike Kelley takes up two rooms at the gallery at the moment with 'Framed and Frame'aiming to explore the place between reality and the imagined.
Detail from Chinatown Wishing Well
Mike Kelley, 1999
Interested in Middle America's 'diverse and alternative subcultures', Kelley presents two installations that look at Los Angeles' marginalised Chinese-American community. Honestly, it's pretty weird. The grotto-like piece (above) consists of spray painted concrete with religious paraphernalia stuck and frozen on to its facade. It has a small cave underneath it, where a tatty looking mattress is hidden - it all feels a bit dark.
Detail from Chinatown Wishing Well
In some ways I was surprised it left me feeling a bit cold - aesthetically it ticks lots of boxes: the candy coloured spritz' of colour, the gaudy religious trophies - both things I really like. It reminded me of the drug fuelled hippie days described by Eileen Myles in her autobiography 'Chelsea Girls' which I've just finished. (NB: not for the faint hearted).
It also sort of reminded me (in a good way) of Koons piece, 'Play Doh' which you can catch at Newport Street Gallery now.

Play Doh
Jeff Koons, 1999 - 2014
3 Americans working at the same time, there's probably something in that (insert emoticon with rolling eyes here).

26 September 2016

Them Apples

Love the play of textures in this jewellery still life 
Shot by Anthony Cotsifas
Set design and styled by Haidee Findlay-Levin
For NY Times Style Magazine, August 2016

Hung Out To Dry

 Bikini still life + selfie
Oropesa, Spain
July 2016

23 September 2016

18 September 2016

Autumn on its way...

Just home from a week in Majorca, seeing out the last of the heat that summer has to offer... Stepping off the plane at Gatwick is always a bit of a shock! Especially when you're still wearing your sunblock smeared (and small) beach clothes from a last minute dash to the beach before take off.
 But things could be worse, especially when your flatmate's a florist and creates beautiful autumnal bunches like this.

18 August 2016

18 July 2016


A week of rest and reading... and gin and tonics and a delicious diet of beige
Lunch in Madrid at what I think is my favourite restaurant (ever).