28 November 2010


After a tip off from a friend of Hannah's last week, we decided to go check out the charity shops in Cheadle. Only a short bus ride away(still managed to see quite a lot of livestock in fields though) and we found ourselves in seventh heaven. Boots, tshirts, handbag, necklaces... we came back with full bags. Amongst our booty are some buttermints which I can see rolling around my bag, acquiring fluff, for weeks to come. They look pretty though.

26 November 2010

Frost Bite

Despite the fact that I am one of those unfortunate people whose hands turn varying shades of red/blue/purple in the cold, I still love to draw attention to them it seems. I wriggled into Hannah's room and stole this clear glitter nail polish when I got home from Uni. Excited for all the different colour and glitter combinations to come.

25 November 2010

Hi There Louis

I found a fake Louis Vuitton coin purse in some drawers in my room over the summer. It was a present from a friend at school, and I hadn't seen either friend or purse for years until recently. I have been using the purse ever since I rediscovered it, and bumped into the friend who gave it to me completely randomly in Manchester last weekend. Fate? I also really like the new campaign.

Temporary Fun

You know you're going to have a great night out when you put fake tattoos on. (?)

19 November 2010

Playing Dress Up

So my housemate Tom had a go styling me and Hannah. Given that he could of made us wear anything, he was pretty kind.

A way round The Dress

The Jean Paul Gaultier dress that I found in Hannah's room a few weeks back - found a way to wear it without showing off your pants

18 November 2010

Hello Mum!

Last night I found this photograph of my Mum sandwiched between the pages of a book I hadn't looked through for a long time. The first time I saw it years ago, I remember hoping she had kept everything she is wearing because I think she looks amazing. She's always been a bit of style queen.

14 November 2010

A Home from Home

Manchester London. I like my Dressers

Everyday is Like Sunday

A woodland walk, and a pound coin with a mobile phone on. A great afternoon. Suitable song and great video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmPKVvxFb1c


Was admiring Daisy a lot today. She had some real funky nail polish on, so great its called 'Gypsy Night', and this bangle that her Dad gave her from Nepal.

13 November 2010

9 November 2010


My brother and I had fun last week in Cornwall throwing a bonfire party for my grandparents. George was in charge of the rockets, I was allowed to light the little ones............. Turns out the pound shop sells great matches, and I reckon George is looking pretty good in one of the worlds hardest garments, that lovely anorak.