31 July 2011

Heart of Stone

Another heart related post (see below). Mum found this pebble with a heart inscribed naturally in to the stone, on one of our favourite beaches in Cornwall and sent it to me when I lived in Manchester.

Heart Attack

I noticed today that I have a lot of heart jewellery. Is it time to start buying skulls and stuff now instead?

Fake (and gross) Vivienne

Nice try. Sort of.


This cat (I think called Cherry) was taking it easy on a hot Sunday afternoon in this newsagent's. She was so statuesque, I wouldn't have wanted to try and retrieve the Sunday Express she was using as a pillow.

29 July 2011

Tessa's CDs

Tessa used to make me CDs all the time (pointed comment) and her case decoration was almost the best bit about these musical gifts. Oldest I could find is from 2006, can't wait to dig out some more gems that boast playlists of Usher and D12.

Sword in the Stone

As homemade fancy dress outfits go, this ranks pretty high in my favourites.

28 July 2011

27 July 2011

Hungry Heart

I found Dad's records in a dark corner of my room last week - he has an enviable collection. I have borrowed the two Bruce Springsteen albums and the Ian Dury record to decorate my room with until I grudgingly have to give them back. My music taste is entirely inherited from my parents really, Bruce ranks embarrassingly high on my play count.

22 July 2011


Rosa's new shoes. Really like the lilac laces.


Daisy's going on holiday to Italy tomorrow. I'm insanely jealous and I also really like her shirt and skirt.

19 July 2011

Great Hallmarks

On Mum's silver necklace

Tartan Swimming Cap

Really wish I'd bought it, it was only £1

Glow Toes

Mum and I had our toes painted in fluro bright colours this weekend - just in time to cheer us up on rainy days. My orange nails seem to almost glow in the dark...

14 July 2011

Old Friend

I have rediscovered this wicker basket-esque bag, bought many years ago in Primark. I quite like the way it kind of looks more like a boater hat than a handbag. The leopard print lining is great too. Like the bag, leopard print has always been a favourite of mine, and I have many leopard items of clothing, some better than others admittedly. I was doubtful I'd wear the velvet leopard print trousers when they were bought in a Zara sale a few years ago, but I have managed to air them a surprising amount of times.