26 November 2012

A Gift For The Thinking Woman

A red letter day! After weeks of planning, One Off Style has finally launched its take on Christmas presents - Gifts for the Thinking Woman.
These presents mark One Off's second collaboration, as each set includes a beautiful hand printed book mark by artist and friend Kate Thakara.
Give a piece of art this Christmas!

Read more about A Gift For The Thinking Woman here.

25 November 2012


Accessories are such a great way of showcasing personal style, especially pieces that look like they never come off. More to come on this topic but for now here is a snapshot of some great jewels I've long admired.

17 November 2012

Glittery Jacket

I love being bought clothes as I spend a lot of time thinking about outfits for other people, and this week Tessa outdid herself in the surprise gift stakes. I have long envied a little red glittery jacket she's had for years.
 I knew something exciting was afoot from the speed in which Tessa came running up the stairs to my room....with this in hand!
A silver version of my own, found in a second hand shop in Notting Hill. I am over the moon! Now we can be matching... Wouldn't be the first time.

14 November 2012

Friendship Heights

Friendship bracelets are certainly en vogue this season (geddit) and make a lovely present... One Off Style proves its finger is on the pulse with these beautiful Jessie Harris silk cord and brass crystal bracelets - even more enviable at only £13.

13 November 2012

Lino Prints

There has been a distinct lack of blog posts recently as I have been working on new and exciting ventures... Here is a sneak peak of one which is due to hit the screens of One Off Style visitors in the near future, and involves a collaboration with an up and coming West London artist. Watch this space!

7 November 2012

Picture Perfect

Recently I have noticed lots of walls, gates, shutters etc, that would make picture perfect backgrounds for the fashion blogger trend of papping daily outfits outdoors. I like the last two spots in particular.

Leather Skirt

Following a recent post about winter essentials, it must be said that this One Off Style leather skirt has to be one of them.

Silk Screen Prints

Work from a project I did many moons ago, which resulted in a silk screen print I still really love.

6 November 2012

Winter Essentials

Last weekend I hopped on a train with Tessa and spent a couple of days on the Isle of Wight. It was very wintery weather and the coastline looked dramatic as we watched the rain blow in.
Of course Tessa and I debated high brow topics all weekend, but in between and especially on the platform at Southampton station we discussed what items we most need (want) in our wardrobes this winter. This discussion was prompted by my favourite jeans which basically fell apart as I was wearing them over the weekend, and are now sadly too embarrassing to wear due to a rather large rip in an unfortunate place.
Jeans shopping is never fun in my book, and now sadly I am forced to seek some out. R.I.P £12 Primark jeans I have worn for 3 years.
 We agreed on the notion that jeans were an essential winter purchase. We also discussed boots, trainers, coats...
We decided this was not an essential:

 But for me, these definitely are and have been for many years running now:
Another great winter comfort is my massive fleece lined parka that I got a couple of years ago in Manchester. It really means business.

I tend to think the things to spend money on over the winter months are on pieces that you wear on the outside, i.e shoes, boots, coats etc... Everything else seems to be covered up the rest of the time. There's a lot of talk about knitwear at the moment. I've been a jumper lover for years and years. You can read my knitwear musings here, here and as well as an attempt to save a beloved knit here.

Moon and Stars

How amazing are these earrings? Unfortunately they're clip ons, so I can't really wear these guys without a constant fear of losing them.

5 November 2012


Images from the latest Grazia magazine.
Dressed to kilt? We're already on it.

D.I.Y Make Up Bag

I think it has something to do with the time of year, but I keep having hankerings for making things. Most recently, I made this make up bag while watching Downton Abbey - possibly wasn't concentrating very hard as indicated by the imprecise stitches.
Never gonna make it as a seamstress but I love this all the same.

2 November 2012


Apparently cats and food are the two most popular things to Instagram. So here is a blog post to add to the pile - a postcard I bought Tessa from The Photographer's Gallery a while ago.
A sunny late afternoon really is the best - especially for the shadows. I used to really enjoy walking around the Northern Quarter in Manchester on a winter's afternoon when I lived there.