23 February 2014

Mid Night

Brilliant still life shoot in Love magazine this month, shot by David Hughes. 

 Captures a certain time of the night pretty aptly - my real life version has far less expensive accessories unfortunately.

16 February 2014


I saw the Richard Hamilton exhibition at the Tate today, where his 1962 painting (for snappy title see below) seemed  particularly relevant given the current trends in both men's and womanswear - and not least because London's fashion darlings were seated in the turbine hall below watching Topshop's show for Fashion Week.
'Towards a definitive statement on the coming trends in menswear and accessories'
Richard Hamilton, 1962

11 February 2014

Tessa's Pillows

Handwriting embroidery reads: "Even as a girl she never 'ad any elastic in her knickers"
Dot Cotton, Eastenders
Both embroidered by Tessa, I got this gem for my birthday

6 February 2014

Warhol, Lynch & Burroughs

The pictures of Andy Warhol, David Lynch and William S Burroughs are currently on show at The Photographer's Gallery in Oxford Circus. Not primarily known for their photography, the 3 capsule exhibitions cast an intimate and thought provoking light on the period from which each artist worked.
Jerry Hall, 1976 -1987
Andy Warhol
People in the Street, 1976
Andy Warhol
Warhol's photographs clearly refrence his fascination with advertising which we know so well from his painting and prints. His pictures are lively, full of energy and interestingly, people. 
David Lynch's photographs were unsurprisingly cinematic, dramatic and ominous
Untitled (England) late 80s early 90s
Lodz, 2000
Some favourites of mine from Burroughs are too difficult to find pictures of, but involve roses being shoved in to coca cola bottles - a favourite practice of mine during my kooky university phase...
Probably London, 1972
William S Burroughs
Unknown photographer, Tangier
William S Burroughs

4 February 2014


One of my favourite shoots from Paris Vogue last year
Josh Olins shot Anna Ewers for Vogue, October 2013
Love the styling - definitely want to be this girl from the Hamptons.

3 February 2014