29 February 2012

Tracey Emin?

Someone on my road obviously inspired by your work, Tracey Emin...
My Bed, 1998

Craze for Snakeskin

Anyone who has looked at What's She Like in the past month or so will have noted my current craze for snakeskin. So imagine the excitement caused by this leather top and tassled waistcoat sensation
It was revolting, but part of me really did want the waistcoat. At some point in the future I'm sure I would have really loved looking like Shania Twain, taking animal print to the extreme (Tessa and I well on our way, see below) and wearing the above with my snakeskin jeans...  

Jungle Fever

Walking to meet Tessa before Friday's art expedition with Rosa, I spotted her trousers before her beaming face. I then looked down and realised we were both wearing animal print trousers and spotty spotty socks. Jungle fever.
Tessa has a vast selections of socks. Here are her trusty DMs fashioned with a lovely green pair on a much warmer day last summer.

26 February 2012

Pope's Rings

After work today I walked over speedily to the National Gallery before it closed for the evening. As it is a Sunday I thought I might as well look at something religion related.
Portrait of Pope Julius II, 1511 Raphael
I remember this from school and the same Art History teacher I've mentioned before, gesticulating excitedly in front of it. The bit that sticks in my mind is her enthusiasm and wonder over the softness of Julius' beard. It does look pretty soft to the touch when you're up close. Apparently from 1511 Pope Julius wore a beard as a sign of mourning at having lost the city of Bologna.
What I really loved this evening were his rings:
I love cramming lots of ring onto my fingers and am very sentimental about the 3 I always wear, all heirlooms and gifts. Julius is doing pretty well here, wearing several big cut jewels set in gold next to each other.

Peanut Punch

Totally nuts.

25 February 2012

Fleeting Visits

Opposite the colour at Issey Miyake (below) was Hauser & Wirth. Tessa, Rosa and I spent a few fleeting moments looking at the exhibition that is currently on - Volume by Michael Raedecker, showcasing vast canvases made up of strips sewn together with heavy embroidery over thick paint.
Presentation, 2011-12
I wasn't entirely sold on it, but there were a few pictures I quite liked, and at least I wasn't suffering from an excruciatingly embarrassing giggling fit brought on by Tessa and our trip to see Sarah Lucas' work at Sadie Coles Gallery only moments before.
MumMum, 2012
It seemed particularly fitting that Raedecker's thread and needle focused show was on Saville Row - I loved peering down into Tailor's workshops below shiny shop windows filled with extremely sharp suits and ties.


A rainbow of spring colours at Issey Miyake, round the corner from these beautiful buds sold at Liberty

24 February 2012

Day Off

Have been neglecting my scrap book, feels good to have the Pritt Stick out again

19 February 2012

More from Mexico

I went to Casa Mexico near Bethnal Green on Saturday. I was hoping to come home overwhelmed with Mexican foods and cook up a storm, but I realised as soon as I got to the shop that I really didn't know where to begin. Next time I will remember to look at a cook book. I really enjoyed all the Day of the Dead stuff as well as all the other household things like tiled mirrors and crucifixes etc. I would love to go to Mexico soon and source tons of stuff for One Off. So much colour, embroidery and pattern to be had. I loved the beaded bracelets (above) too. A trip to put on the diary's wish list...

15 February 2012

Watermelon Frida

Sugared jelly fruit segments and a glitter encrusted Frida Kahlo matchbox. What finer souvenirs could there be? Courtesy of Hermione who recently got back from a holiday in Mexico. Both remind me of sunnier times, even as far flung as Summer 2011 on my beloved Uxbridge Road:

13 February 2012


I've always loved a good fact - there's a particularly good one about the average amount of sesame seeds on a Big Mac burger bun, but it escapes me now. This evening I was reminded of a few other favourites, by Hall's Dictionary of Subjects & Symbols in Art.
Perseus and Andromeda, 1570 - 1572 Giorgia Vasari
According to Ovid coral was a kind of petrified seaweed formed at the instant that Perseus laid down the Gorgon's head after rescuing Andromeda from the sea-monster, as depicted above by Vasari (see here for more Medusa). Vasari's coral looks particularly like solidified blood here. I've always loved it, and am always drawn to the colour when its in any item of clothing
And if you were ever wondering about peacocks in paintings: 'From the ancient belief that its flesh never decayed the peacock became a Christian symbol of immortality and Christ's resurrection' as well as being a symbol of 'pride personified.'
Homage to a Poet, early 16th Century, Giorgione


I am entirely missing the point of Luis Gispert's 2011 show, 'Decepcion', in admitting that although I sincerely understand and admire the aim of the pictures (read the press release here), I would also quite like to own one of these cars.

12 February 2012

Sweet Tooth

This honey from Damas Gate on Uxbridge Road looks like it means business. It reminded me of a book I've just finished 'The Secret Life of Bees' by Sue Monk Kidd - an easy but enjoyable read. It actually made me look forward to tube journeys. Also in Damas Gate:
I have no idea why I didn't buy them, even just for the packet. I could have even tried to play with my food and make one of these guys:
Good old Google.
For more rabbit related musings, check out an earlier post on their lucky claws.

7 February 2012

After thought

Suddenly occurred to me last night that I'm not the only one dreaming of pink landscapes (See Caerhays Castle, below)
And while I'm at it, my sickly pink nails fit the theme too
So girly right now.

6 February 2012

Caerhays Castle

This is Caerhays Castle in Cornwall, one of the most beautiful places in the county. I've only visited once ages ago but I remember it well. It's one of those stately homes that still feels lived in, with certain parts cordoned off during visiting hours. Still a home though - I loved walking through the breakfast room and seeing the remnants of the morning meal (Weetabix, in fact) still on the table. Apparently Caerhays is home to the biggest collection of Magnolia's in the country
In my mind that means the landscape is a sea of pink throughout spring, although I'm sure this dream can't be true as there are tons of varieties of Magnolias according to the castle's website. As it's practically on a beach too, it made the perfect setting for the 1979 TV series of Rebecca, with Jeremy Brett and Joanna David.
It does kind of feel like everyone should always be wearing white suits or summer dresses with hats and veils at Caerhays, like Brett here.

4 February 2012

Snow Swept

Mum off out, wrapped up against the newly started snow drifts...