26 March 2011


Also in Devon, is Louise's, the shop where I bought my silver I Love You spinner for a pound in November. This Pope coin (not sure which Pope) definitely isn't silver, but its pretty great. I like it on the same chain with its other Dulverton purchase.


Just spent three days in Devon, hanging out with these guys, Charlie's extensive array of pets. Julius and his 3 turtle companions, were probably my favourite... tough call when there's a talking parrot called Mr.Poppet and the biggest great dane ever called Otis as well.

20 March 2011

First day of Spring

These soleil d'or daffodils from Cornwall have made my week. They are so beautiful and smell amazingly good - my mum once told me that the scent of the daffodils' was so strong when growing off the cliffs of Cornwall, that sailors en route home from long voyages abroad could tell they were getting closer to home. I feel like that as the Easter holidays loom.. Today is the first day of spring, and I would like to win the lottery so that I could buy a few nice dresses and skirts from Erdem for the warmer months.

17 March 2011

Happy St Patricks Day

Don't really like Guinness.
Fitting that we drank in a green tiled pub though.


Hannah and I watched The Railway Children last night. We huddled under a sleeping bag, drinking tea to keep warm, convinced that something had gone wrong with the central heating. (We had forgotten to turn it on). I can't remember when I last watched the film - it was definitely pre-double figures. Jenny Agutter is brilliant as Bobby, and the scene in which it is her birthday was the first of many occasions which embarassingly brought streaming tears to my eyes. Set in 1905, the dresses of the girls and mother are beautiful - lace, veils and petticoats.

15 March 2011


I lived the dream this weekend as I was reunited with my best friends Tessa and Rosa who both go to uni in Bristol. Tessa has somehow acquired the best wardrobe ever (its expanded about three times over since the last time I visited), and is the best person to stay with because she lets you borrow anything. So exciting. And look at Rosa's eyelashes! They are one of the wonders of the world, surely.

14 March 2011


Last week I hitched along with Lula to a prop warehouse somewhere about 40minutes away from Withington, where she needed to get some pieces for her up and coming play this weekend. It was the ultimate hoarders dream and Hannah, Daisy and I were in heaven as we sifted through everything. We were all very annoyed that none of us bought our cameras with us, but spent the whole time looking through the cameras on our phones. It was also quite sad that we couldn't buy anything, so many great collectables.