30 July 2019

Spanish Lunches

Lunch by the beach at Deia, Majorca last week... Keeping my spirits up as London gets a soaking 

29 July 2019

Harrison Jones

New work out now for Stories Collective
 Harrison Jones shot by one of my favourite photographers Andre Skjegstad

10 July 2019


Thrilled with this hand thrown, painted and glazed jug I bought in Spain earlier this summer. It reminds me of the kind of pottery my parents had around the house when I was growing up - gems collected after years of them living abroad. So happy to have one of my own.

8 July 2019

Tie Dye

An afternoon spent at my friend Min's house a couple of weeks ago attempting to tie dye - with great results! We've got the bug - hopefully our friends and family like tie dye as I see all sorts handmade gifts coming their way...
Boyd, above, kept us company

6 July 2019

Amy's Bag

My friend Amy's bag - vintage silver charms hand sewn (by Amy) on to the front. Would LOVE to own it

4 July 2019


So many things to moan about with a huge white leather sofa (it came with my furnished flat), but at least it's big enough for me to cover with various thrifted and homemade throws and cushions. My recent granny square blanket is a favourite charity shop purchase.

3 July 2019

Spanish Refreshment

Drinks - both small and large, and a calamari sandwich in central Spain last week.