25 February 2011


I am trying to draft a chapter for my dissertation on unposed portrait photography. Suddenly noticing all the portraits around me at home, with fresh eyes. I got distracted and took photos of some of them at home in London. Didn't realise how many faces adorn our walls.


Its almost her birthday, gonna have to start looking for presents. Got this horse shirt for Tessa for Christmas, boy I was smug when I found it.


I went to Edinburgh recently and two things stood out - that Harvey Nichols like stationary (see dress and tree made out of pegs/pencils), and the oval tray of gold charm bracelets in a pawn shop window. Sometimes find pawn shops a bit sad, as I always invent heartbreaking stories for why people's engagement rings are sparkling at me from the shop window. Charm bracelets are particularly personal I think, as they take so long to fill up. I have a silver one, that has mostly been contributed to by my Cornish Grandma, with charms such as a pasty and tin mine. (One other thing that stood out - Men in Kilts. No thanks.)

17 February 2011

Tom's Got a Grill

Tom's pretty badass with his toothware, but god I wish his grill had diamonte skulls on.


Hannah went to Brighton and came back with this.


Great shirt Silas

Eager Eyes

What a great suprise in a library book the other day

In a Hurry

I met Hannah for lunch and she made my day. She had got her days mixed up and had left the house in under ten minutes, thinking she was late for a seminar, which resulted in this modern Dickensian look - trainer sock and buckle shoes. Hoping she does it on purpose now, it made me laugh. A lot.