20 February 2019

Fashion at the Foreign Office

The most breath taking and beautiful show from Molly Goddard this weekend at LFW, which took place at the Foreign Office in Whitehall. My photos don't being to do it justice...

14 February 2019

High Fashion

There was absolutely no way I could walk past these jewelled slippers, found in a charity shop last week. They set my mind running with ideas for potential shoots... 

13 February 2019

Edward Burne-Jones' Strong Footwear Game

Details from The Holy Grail Tapestries, 1890-4
Perseus and The Sea Nymphs, 1877
Very on-trend strappy leather sandals, chain mail ankle boots and feathered footwear - say what you like about Edward Burne-Jones but he had excellent taste in shoes. 

11 February 2019

Patti Pilgrimage // Utrecht

 2019 has started well for travelling - Poland and Holland on consecutive weekends - not bad. I spent a very rainy weekend in Utrecht last month, while on a pilgrimage to see Patti Smith play. I was too excited to take any good photographs of the gig but here is some evidence of it...
We spent a lot of time in cafes sheltering from stormy elements - this felt fitting on a weekend dedicated to a woman who spends a lot of time drinking Nescafe worldwide. 

9 February 2019


Making wearing no trousers look cool... I want everything. Alistair McKimm styles Anok Yai, Adut Akech and Eniola Abioro for I-D magazine last year, shot by Ethan James Green

7 February 2019

Collections Pt 1

'Women in Clothes' was a gift from a friend a few years ago, and is an unusual and interesting book with many contributors. It is divided in to sections: photographs, interviews, essays. One thing I enjoy throughout are the photographs of various women's collections of clothing. These include someones capsule collection of raincoats, another of grey sweatshirts, of fedoras.... It's an idea that appeals to me - the compulsion to collect variations of the same thing. Here are some quite bad photographs of my white t-shirts. 

70s journey to Walthamstow

When you realise you look like an extra from That 70s Show... And you're ok with it. Head to toe in second hand clothing

6 February 2019


Hot, late nights on holiday last summer... Taking inspiration from these colours on a grey day in London

4 February 2019

24 January 2019


DELICIOUS vodka, Chopin's heart - smuggled back from Paris in a bottle of cognac by his sister - flea markets, frozen walks and a night at the opera... Just a few highlights from a flying visit to Warsaw last weekend. 

18 January 2019


BTS: Styling up at home ahead of one of my favourite shoots yet... See the full story here www.josie-harris.com

16 January 2019

New Work

New Year, New Work
Loved styling this Woodland story - really let the imagination run wild!
Full story here: www.josie-harris.com

15 January 2019

Second Hand

Last year I started an ongoing personal project - creating editorials while working exclusively with second hand clothing. Here is one of my favourite looks from an early shoot - modelled by the lovely Elise and shot be Andre Skjegstad.

11 January 2019


I spent 48 hours in Venice just before Christmas, a surprise trip for my birthday. Highlights included an essential Cicchetti taste test washed down with white wine across the city, uncountable shrines to various saints, the Grand Canal at Night and standing on the sun drenched but freezing cold balcony of St Marks Basilica. SO much fun.

Lunch at the Wheel

One last Pasty and an assault on some Cornish Charity shops before heading back to London after Christmas - quite literally filled a suitcase of treasure.