21 December 2011


I now know where Elton gets his suits. So covered in diamante it looks beaming....


Pigeon waiting patiently to be served in Leicester Square. At work, we have a cashmere colour named 'Pigeon'. Safe to say it is nothing like the central London variety of grey/black birds that are often missing body parts.


Primark channeling some positive energy for Christmas. Part of me really wants the 'LOL!' one.

15 December 2011


These pheasant were strung up outside a pub by the river in Hammersmith this afternoon. Apparently the longer they hang for the better they taste after cooking.....hm. Such great feathers. We didn't go into this pub, but another near by for a drink to toast the birthday girl:
Happy Birthday, Mum. xx
On my walk this morning


So many potential awkward kisses...

12 December 2011


Tessa is interning at White Cube in Bermondsey at the moment, and so took Rosa and I along to the Anselm Kiefer private view last week. I'm not sure if I enjoyed it or not, but the space is amazing and Kiefer's creations worked nicely there. My favourites were
Tempelhof 2010-11
Alkahest, 2009
It was good to go to a new gallery in a new area, I haven't been to Bermondsey in years.
 The lighting does get a bit much after a while, but maybe that's just because we were forced to shelter and drink our free beer under it while it poured with rain. The book shop was fun too


Rosa is decorating her Christmas tree this evening.
I'm really hoping she'll go all out and create something like this:
Its this time of year again:
Bring on the Cava


I like the sassy feathered dressing gown alongside the African prints. An unusual (but great) pyjama set. My day off was made even nicer today by an impromptu lunch with my brother. We couldn't help but feel sorry for this lone elf in an empty igloo in West 12.

8 December 2011


I left the house yesterday afternoon with a long list of present ideas for my family. And ended up nothing for them, but a (really great) skirt for One Off (check soon for new outfits) and a pair of shoes for myself:
I was so riddled with guilt that I've vowed no more shopping for myself till birthday/Christmas gifts are done and dusted...... I do love my new shoes though, second hand Hobbs for £13.

Christmas Dinner #1

In Brixton last night we took over Hannah's kitchen and made a delicious roast. Lula managed to bring a particularly odd looking Brussell sprout stem, that turned out to be in Min's words, 'the best brussell sprouts I've ever eaten.' Thank you Tdubs!

7 December 2011

New Ventures

'If you aren't nervous, you aren't at the races.'
(Thanks to Rosa's Dad, Chris, for that one).


Happy Birthday for Yesterday, Daisy. xxx
A lady of great style, see here.

5 December 2011

Rabbit foot

James today seemed to have particular fun suggesting  a 'rabbit's foot' for me to buy people for Christmas and Birthday presents. Bit weird, but I realised afterwards that they are supposed to be very good luck. I then spent quite a long time googling/looking on ebay for rabbit feet because temporarily, I thought I wanted one. Especially when they are dyed neon and attached to a key chain, like this one:
or encrusted with diamonte like this
And look at this for a double dose of luck
But then I realised that essentially, for all the luck it might bring, the rabbit definitely wasn't so lucky, and maybe its just a bit creepy. So I'd settle for a gold replica like this
Not entirely convinced its obvious what the key chain is though.

4 December 2011

Homemade Sunday

Mum and I made this Christmas garland today by drying slices of orange and bay leaves and threading them along with cinnamon sticks, onto fishing wire. Its looking lovely hung above our fireplace. Tessa was reminded of the Stella Macartney print of last Spring/Summer. Summer hung out to dry...

Petticoat Lane Market


This market is not to be tackled unless feeling very ready to bargain, sort through a lot of rubbish, and wrap up very warm - but there are some real gems to be found. Maybe not the ties above. But the key chain hearts with bugs in them really made me happy, and the fluffy multicoloured rugs and 'deluxe pillows' were calling my name more and more as the cold set in.

Corner Shop decorations

If this isn't enough to cheer up every and any Scrooge, I don't know what is.

Fur Coat

These Italian women were enjoying Covent Garden's food market in style this week- fur coats and studded sling-back heels. I always feel quite nervous watching people walk in heels through the piazza as it turns out stilettos and cobbles aren't each other's best friends.