6 September 2010

Madrid at Home

Mini tribute: My bedside table at home. Hairband bought last week at Shepherd's Bush Market - Tessa says it looks like a Flamenco dancer has been sick on it.

Madrid Envy


Royal Palace

Tapestry sho

Espadrilles shop

Rosa has left London for Madrid today. I really love Madrid - I'm sure some of the main reasons I like it so much are due to family connections - my parents met there, my brother was born in Madrid. I reckon (hope) I have also discovered some of it for myself though too. The ladies in summer all have really deep tans and smooth shiny legs and almost always wear white. Impressive. And the men wear chinos and suede loafers and shirts and it actually looks good. I found a few photos I took on a brief trip earlier this summer.

1 September 2010


Tessa's off to Carnival! I love this so much. Bug glasses and socks and see-through dress. No point in giving the floats a run for their money


Kate drove us to Brighton last week for a day and night by the seaside. It rained quite a lot, and was cold, but that felt kind of right for a British seaside resort. I liked Rosa's leopard print with the pebbles.


I received a belated 21st birthday present today. My best friend bought me a Claddagh ring - an irish wedding ring, or token of friendship/love. Apparently (wikipedia) the Claddagh ring was first produced in the 17th century for Queen Mary II. The hands are said to represent friendship, the heart, love and the crown, loyalty. I've never seen one with a garnet set in it before. It's from a pawn shop in Shepherd's Bush market, and the guy was pretty much convinced Tessa and I were lesbians which was fun. I can't stop staring at it.