23 June 2013

Horseshoe for Sunshine

Horseshoes in Cornwall a few weeks ago. Fingers crossed for some sunshine this week...

Weekend Highlights

Great kicks and rucksack in Kensal Rise
Prayer mats and bath loofers side by side in my local pound shop.

12 June 2013

11 June 2013

Purple Lace

Out with the white, in with the..lilac?
Kind of want to wear these lace curtains that we dyed this weekend in Cornwall.

A Posy a Day

Just back from a few days in Cornwall, where summer clothes that have long been packed away were whipped out of storage boxes and finally worn after what is probably a 5 year sojourn.
A posy a day

Unfortunately posy picking got a little bit competitive but luckily still managed to be enjoyable

7 June 2013

Mad Woman

Am off to Cornwall for a couple of days where I am looking forward to not caring AT ALL about how strange I'm going to look in this get up:
Now I just have to hope that the weather holds out....
Have a lovely weekend one and all.

4 June 2013

John Bulmer

Photographs of the North of England from the 1960s
I was reminded of John Bulmer's work recently by an article in a weekend paper. I love how his photographs tell a real story - often a bit of a depressing one - but are also so beautiful.