31 May 2016

Sea Mist

Sea mist at Portreath this weekend before the sun burnt it all off!

Driving in Your Car

Driving in your car I never never want to go home
The Smiths, There is a Light That Never Goes Out
Latest t-shirt embroidery

19 May 2016

Earl Grey

The most beautiful bouquet keeping me company on the bus home last night. I love how wild and natural it looks - I'm told this bunch is called 'Earl Grey'. 

Tube Style II

Maybe I'll start a series of people on the tube?!
Loved the 90s style length and print of this skirt - and the thick satin ribbon used as laces

17 May 2016

Pink Sequins

Charity shop updates: a new bed throw and two essentials for the styling kit....
Thank you, Hammersmith!

16 May 2016

Boscono by Lindberg and Richardson

A British summer by the seaside.....? In reality a lot less chic
Mariacarla Boscono by Peter Lindberg and Clare Richardson for Vogue Italia 2014
One of my all time favourite shoots

13 May 2016

10 May 2016


Elsie 'Toodles' Thomas, c 1907-8 
Alvin Langdon Coburn 
I went to see the new Pre-Raphaeltite and Photography exhibition today, and while being pretty underwhelmed was struck by how modern some of the early color photography looked - this c.1907 photo could be straight out of a current fashion editorial.

London's Skyscrapers

Shooting amidst London's Skyscrapers last week for a SS16 campaign... This was shortly before it started snowing!

6 May 2016

Bow shoes

Imagine my happiness this morning when at the National Gallery, I realised my latest shoe purchase would not look out of place on the foot of an early 19th Century landscape painter:
Louis-Auguste Schwiter, 1826-30
Eugene Delacroix

3 May 2016


Latest piece of gold, a JH ring I got made from a jewellers in Hackney
Ten years in the waiting, after seeing an initial ring in Shepherd's Bush market