31 May 2018

Liverpool Cathedral

Two beautiful installations in Liverpool Cathedral at the moment. 'I Felt You And I Knew You Loved Me', a neon by Tracey Emin was installed in 2008 and sits beautifully alongside the stained glass windows which throw beautiful colours across the brickwork and floor of the Cathedral. The moon is temporary and touring the world, being displayed in various and often ingrouous settings. The surface of the moon displays NASA footage and is internally lit... I recommend catching it if you can, tour dates here. Together the moon and the neon are pretty magical. All accidentally stumbled across on a walk down memory lane earlier this week.

25 May 2018

Marbling pt 2

Spent a day at the studio this week doing some more marbling... so much fun and VERY addictive... Commissions accepted ;-)

23 May 2018

Under the Bridge

A beautiful evening for a stroll across London Bridge and to The Bridge Theatre where a friend had invited me to see Barney Norris' new play, 'NightFall'. Lula had warned me of.... unfavourable.... reviews, so I made sure not to read any before watching the production. By the interval Lula and I had experienced both borderline hysterics and a small sob... we were loving it! The newly built theatre is beautiful too.

21 May 2018


An early morning call time and so a very rushed squish of rings on my hands last week - so random but very enjoyable all the same 

Enjoying a day off from the grind of a daily commute...
Working from home today and very happily so 

Some like it hot

Chillis and vegetables on sale in Inca, Majorca 2016