30 December 2012

Arrow To The Heart

 Another Charlie inspired post (see below) - I love this little gold arrow ring she bought from a pop up shop on Redchurch Street recently. Especially like how the feathers of the arrow wrap round to make the band of the ring.

Book Worm

I have just returned from Cornwall where I spend Christmas with my family, laden with a heavy bag of books. I love getting books as presents and did really well this festive period!
I have already torn through Grace Coddington's memoir, which I loved and found incredibly interesting. She is an idol of mine. I have a long list of Coddington shoots to google!
I was also recently given a book of Guy Bourdin's polaroids, which was great to look at alongside Coddington's book as she talks about working with him such a lot. Can't wait to spend more time staring at this beautifully put together book - Thank You, Charlie!
The birthday card Charlie gave me is worth a mention too:

20 December 2012


My new purse which was a present for my birthday, and a motto to help me see through New Year's resolutions currently taking shape on the horizon. 

Vivienne Westwood Grapes

A dress and print that calls for sunnier times - love this Vivienne Westwood dress which reminds me of the kind of thing my Mum wore when I was little and growing up in America. I borrowed a couple of her vintage dresses to wear to summer weddings a few years ago, and loved every moment in them.

17 December 2012

Turkey Hat

Christmas is so close now! 
I've spent the evening gift wrapping, which I wish I could have done while wearing this hat spotted last weekend on the Uxbridge Road.
Like Monica in Friends at Thanksgiving - except a less cold and smelly version I'd imagine.

Cat Lady

It was my birthday recently and I was lucky enough to get some wonderful presents - one of which was a multi pack of socks, with this kitten printed pair as its crowning glory
I didn't wear my jeans pushed up like this all day but I was tempted.

15 December 2012

Tessa's Smiths Tee

 I got so many compliments when I borrowed this T-Shirt, and was even offered £100 for it! To which Tessa replied 'Tell her I'll be buried in it.'
We went to Salford Lad's Club a few years ago - made famous by Stephen Wright's black and white picture of the band:
We even had our own personal tour! The Salford lads who were there and using the club's facilities must have been a bit bemused.
 Here we are trying to re-create the magic

8 December 2012

Potato Postcards

Today I made some One Off Christmas postcards to send out later this week... I can't believe I managed to practice some restraint and they're not all covered in glitter.

2 December 2012

Sunday Laundry

A Shepherd's Bush dry cleaners - loved this printed black and yellow dress fronting a rail of suits and shirts ready to be picked up for Monday.