25 August 2011

Wedding Bells

After not having been to a wedding since I was a bridesmaid and 5 years old, this summer has held two marriages to get dressed up for. On both occasions I wore vintage dresses that my Mum used to wear. Both are very beautiful, and made great crinkling noises when I walked. I kind of felt like I was getting dressed up for the Prom I never went to.
Good colours.


I'm hoping Rosa is going to wear this great gold glittery crochet skirt, bought from a car boot sale in Kilburn last weekend, to Notting Hill Carnival. Its suitably see-through and glittery, maybe we can persuade her to join a float.... Another purchase was this big brightly printed jumper, looking quite crazy with rose print jeans here.

22 August 2011

Jean Howell

A friend of my Mum's saw my post about Margaret Howell and dug out this little hand knitted waistcoat by her sister, Jean Howell. Apparently they were going to go into the fashion business together, as a sister act, but obviously that never quite happened. This waistcoat is so amazing, the colours are beautiful.

Blondes in Beige

Tessa and Fran co-ordinating outfits quite well one recent Friday evening.

16 August 2011

Birds of a Feather

Daisy and I unintentionally wearing matching falcon rings from Manchester Museum.


Its quite hard to see here (if you click on the photo it will enlarge) but Daisy's dress, jacket and Madonna pendant were a happy combination this weekend. Love those badges and red nails too.
Saw these seed shells on the walk to the bus stop the other day. More colours/textures for a good textile print...

13 August 2011

Crab Claw

Two Crabs, 1889, Vincent van Gogh Yesterday evening I went to the National Gallery with Hermione. As it was Friday the gallery was open till 9pm, and the tourists were starting to peter out by the time we got there. I first saw these crabs by van Gogh painting on an art history school trip when I was doing my A-Levels. They were were a favourite of our slightly eccentric but amazing teacher, and so I always try and see them when I'm at the National Gallery. The colours are so beautiful - they would look amazing together on fabric in some kind of print. I have my own crab claw that I found on a beach, and together with my post card on my bedside table, the area has turned (slightly unfortunately?) into a mini crustacean shrine.

11 August 2011


Magazines at the moment seem to love talking about the 'androgynous trend' that awaits us this autumn and winter. Margaret Howell's collection is often cited as the perfect way to achieve this look. I have always loved Margaret Howell and the sense of Britishness and simplicity to her clothing. The slight disappointment felt when on holiday in Cornwall and having to wear quite a heavy jumper over a summer dress on the beach, is slightly appeased when it is possible to feel as if you are taking part in one of Howell's campaigns. As I am extremely far from being able to buy anything from her current collection, I tried to pull some things from my rails with Howell in mind. I'm not sure if I have succeeded but it was quite fun.

Extended Wardrobe

Tessa has moved in with me and as a result I feel as if my wardrobe has doubled... Tessa has lots of great prints and shoes, a girl after my own heart.

8 August 2011

Welcome Home Rosa and a Tired Tessa

Rosa just got back from holiday in France with many great buys from a jumble sale, such as this lovely orange crinkled skirt. And Tessa, after her first day at a new job - bit tired and ready to go home.