23 June 2019

Chains of Protection

Couple from Salamanca, 1912
JoaquĆ­n Sorolla
An image from the brilliant Sorolla: Master of Light exhibition at the National Gallery.
The couple wear their betrothal outfits, the woman resplendent in chains and necklaces of corals, medallions and reliquaries all of which are symbols of protection.
The exhibition closes on 7th July 2019.

21 June 2019

Love these pictures from an editorial shot by Sam Rock for Double Magazine issue 37.
Makes me want to jump on a plane immediately.

19 June 2019

Shoot Prep

Is always very fun when hunting around in fabric shops that sell stuff like this...

11 June 2019


I visited Knole last week with a couple of friends - so beautiful and atmospheric! So much history - Bloomsbury group and beyond... 

4 June 2019

Francesca Woodman

Untitled, Francesca Woodman, 1979
I've been a fan of Woodman's work for a long time - and written about her a few times on this blog over the years. I was reminded of this beautiful picture when looking at the catalogue from last years exhibition at the Tate Liverpool, which showed Woodman's work alongside Egon Shiele's.