17 October 2012

Camborne, Cornwall

I am in Cornwall at the moment where it is currently so windy that I've had to wedge the front door shut with my DM. Yesterday marked a trip to Camborne, where there was many a picture worthy sight:
I almost got fleeced of my money:
I remember a phase when cool cats wore fleeces with stuff like a howling wolf and rising moon on it, in a kind of ironic Native American/Pocahontas way. This shop in Camborne is definitely the place to go to pick one up at a bargain price - or to get your own take on that trend, puppies anyone?
This really weirded me out:
A shoe horn back scratcher. Look at that mini plastic hand! The guy behind the till also waved me goodbye saying, 'GOODBYE MY SWEET'. Which sounds quite nice but it wasn't really, and it sent full on shivers down my spine.
 It's probably because I'm such a:
Trips to Camborne are too few and far between. Always so much to see.