30 March 2015

Blue Paint

An out take from my shoot for The Ones 2 Watch
Phillipine is wearing the kind of dirtied old leather trench that only a beautiful and chic Parisian like herself, can get away with. Still, it's been in my wardrobe for years and I don't see it going anywhere....

21 March 2015

Painter's Studio

A taster of some work I did recently for The Ones 2 Watch
We shot in a working artist's studio, who was obviously something of a Rothko fan... I've been wanting to shoot in a painter's studio for a while - my art history days kept coming back to haunt me with lots of images of painters at work. Lucian Freud and Frances Bacon always looking like the cooelest of the lot, and the most sinister in those darkly lit black and white photographs.

Shot by Andre Skjegstad
Hair & Make up Marlene Andersson
Model Phillipine Urvois at Models 1

10 March 2015

5 March 2015

Cornish Picnic

While doing some research this morning for an upcoming shoot I came across this picture from c.1910 of a picnic on a Cornish beach
Probably my favourite activity - although probably less billowing cotton and more sun bleached swimming costumes

3 March 2015

Clarks Wallabees

I get a very mixed reception when I wear my Clarks Wallabees. Saw today that Supreme's latest collaboration with the shoe brand offers their own line of the lil suede pork pies - guess that means I'm cool now.