21 December 2010

Ode to Preston

Tribute to the flea market I went to in November - this was done by a friend of the family's and is looking rather festive in our living room at the moment.


Catherine's hat speaks for itself, and love Rosa's bobble hat, green tips and fur collar.

13 December 2010


Something crazy happens when I put these trousers on. 100% (fake) leather. The price tag that the charity shop lady put in says they are size 18, but a little rolling over the top of them sorted that out. Hoping she's got the size wrong.

7 December 2010


YES PLEASE. Promise this is nice, really doesn't look like it here.


SHE'S SO FLY and her blog is great too: http://www.westpolar.blogspot.com/

It's a Wonderful Life

It certainly is a wonderful life, now I've handed in all my assessed work this term. I know its really cliched, but I do love the film too. A christmas classic - want to watch it again soon. Big fan of James Stewart.

5 December 2010

Alley Ivy

Hannah and I decorated the house on Saturday. We spent a lot of time getting excited before actually creating the grotto, and it was quite a mammoth task. We stole into the alley behind our house in the snow and cut some ivy to make a wreath, and for the mantlepiece. The neighbours also had some nice pompom looking flowers which we spray painted gold, along with some of the ivy. The bushes outside their house are now looking a but pruned. Copson street provided us with all the glory that resulted in the neon wreath, which also looks a bit day of the dead-like. I wish there were more times of the year when we could decorate.

1 December 2010


There are a few copies of The Face magazine in our living room that have been there since we moved in 3 months ago but I've only just got round to looking at them. They are all from the early 90s and are a lot more fun to look at than most of the magazines around at the moment. Adverts and campaigns from the 90s are so much better.