4 October 2012

Wardrobe Raider

I am going through quite a bad phase of borrowing clothes... I have my own groaning clothes rails at home and have no shortage of things to wear, but some days all you want is something to shake up the normal run of things. Plus I have two wonderful wardrobes on tap at home so I am going to say it would be pretty hard not to be tempted.
Yesterday I wore a beautiful vintage dress of my Mum's which has a great print
Today I am wearing a jumper AND shirt of Tessa's... she busted me wearing them as she left for work this morning, so this blog post won't come as too much as a shock to her
(Sorry, couldn't resist)
But I'm also wearing a suede jacket of my Aunt's - she has actually given it to me though - which makes me look like a cowgirl. Always a great look.
These socks of Tessa's might be my fave loan so far though.
I've really got to stop all this poaching before something irremovable gets spilt on an irreplaceable garment.