24 June 2021

Carpet Interiors

Thinking about how to make this possible in my Ford Focus...

21 June 2021

Wild Swim

A break from the London heatwave last week for an afternoon spent amongst the cow parsley, and wild swimming in Essex.

18 June 2021


A shoot on the Jurassic Coast this week - an amazing location, and a swim in the sea at the end of the working day... Could get used to that!
BTS/Coming soon...
Some post swim sustenance before driving home

26 May 2021

Market Day

A morning sourcing fabric in Shepherd's Bush Market, to replace some cushion covers that are looking a bit weary. Didn't go for these beautiful brocades - but the shimmering florals clearly made their mark, as I bought this vintage dress (£4!) from Roman Road Market on my way home.


12 May 2021

Outdoor Life

 A week in Cornwall catching up with family, and making the most of living outdoors! No one knows how to make the most of things quite like my Mum... 

8 March 2021

John Craske's Embroidery

Born in 1881, John Craske was a third generation fisherman and had his own fish shop by the time he was called up to fight in the First World War. Not long after being posted overseas, Craske was discharged from the army having suffered a mental breakdown. In the following years, he found solace in painting and embroidery.

Sadly, Craske's health deteriorated further and life became more difficult for him and his wife, Alice. Now confined mostly to his bed, Craske worked from his own vocabulary of stitches and the embroideries were of the coast he had loved his life long.

3 March 2021

Master Bedroom

Interiors inspiration: the master bedroom at Palacio de Santa Coloma in Seville, via World of Interiors magazine. Travelling by proxy... I searched very hard for this image online - with no avail. Proof that sometimes print publications are best!

1 March 2021


About a year in the making... I've finished my patchwork quilt! I am hugely proud and have been sending pictures to everyone I can think of. I have collected fabric samples and scraps and also embroidered parts...

12 February 2021

I've finished my repair project, started a couple of weeks ago. I loved mending this vintage cardigan - and am now on the hunt for anything in my cupboard with holes in to continue the obsession... 

6 February 2021

The Breakfast Table


The Breakfast Table, 1884
John Singer Sargent

Love the morning light - the new day - creeping in to this painting.

Breakfast is by far the best meal of the day; sustenance for adventures that lay ahead. A slightly hindered scope for that in Jan 2021, but there was lots of it here

2 February 2021

Elizabethan Inspired

This postcard reminded me of an editorial I shot a couple of years ago, showcasing the Elizabethan inspired graduate collection by the very talented Rose Wooderson. I seem to be having a very unintentional Tudor fascination with recent blog posts...

Shot by Will Aldersley
Styled by me
Art Direction by Kate Goode