18 September 2018

Tube Lino Pebble Dash

Quite pleasing in it's own way...

Market Molly

I was right at home at Molly Goddard's show this weekend, after spending so many years wondering around Shepherd's Bush market - and any other market I can find. It really is where I feel in my element! Oh - and Molly's clothes were breathtaking too.

17 July 2018

Badge Envy

On Portobello Road, 1979 Derek Ridgers
A push pin badge collection to be envious of.... General styling inspiration really

12 July 2018

Of a theme

Painted oyster shells used as markers at fisherman shacks at Leucate Port, puffed up meringues in the market and early morning shadows in nearby Narbonne - the French know how to run with a theme.

19 June 2018


While I didn't see any art while in Madrid recently - finding the perfect pair (or two) of espadrilles took precedent - I was reminded of a trip a couple of years ago to the Thysseen-Bornemisza where I loved this very un-Matisse still life
Yellow Flowers, Henri Matisse, 1902
Oil on Canvas

14 June 2018

Treasure hunt

As a stylist I'm always sourcing clothing - whether it's for me or a shoot often gets a bit tricky if I find any real treasure. This was such brilliant shop in Liverpool, lovingly curated and looked after by an elderly gentleman who was listening to Bjork while I sheltered from the rain and perused his rails.

Late afternoon and early morning, Madrid

Just home from a few days in Spain - an adventurous train trip from Madrid to Seville with a couple of nights in the mountains. The start of the journey in Madrid was sandwiched with visits to one of my favourite bars near Atocha station, busy all day and through the night.

1 June 2018

Chasing Pavements

Liverpool paving slabs.
Simon Faithful's artwork consists of 181 drawings made while on a container ship which travelled from Liverpool (UK) to Liverpool (Nova Scotia). The drawings were then sand blasted in to cement slabs and glass and can be found all over the British city.

31 May 2018

Liverpool Cathedral

Two beautiful installations in Liverpool Cathedral at the moment. 'I Felt You And I Knew You Loved Me', a neon by Tracey Emin was installed in 2008 and sits beautifully alongside the stained glass windows which throw beautiful colours across the brickwork and floor of the Cathedral. The moon is temporary and touring the world, being displayed in various and often ingrouous settings. The surface of the moon displays NASA footage and is internally lit... I recommend catching it if you can, tour dates here. Together the moon and the neon are pretty magical. All accidentally stumbled across on a walk down memory lane earlier this week.

25 May 2018

Marbling pt 2

Spent a day at the studio this week doing some more marbling... so much fun and VERY addictive... Commissions accepted ;-)

23 May 2018

Under the Bridge

A beautiful evening for a stroll across London Bridge and to The Bridge Theatre where a friend had invited me to see Barney Norris' new play, 'NightFall'. Lula had warned me of.... unfavourable.... reviews, so I made sure not to read any before watching the production. By the interval Lula and I had experienced both borderline hysterics and a small sob... we were loving it! The newly built theatre is beautiful too.

21 May 2018


An early morning call time and so a very rushed squish of rings on my hands last week - so random but very enjoyable all the same 

Enjoying a day off from the grind of a daily commute...
Working from home today and very happily so 

Some like it hot

Chillis and vegetables on sale in Inca, Majorca 2016

26 March 2018


Many eyes on me as I work from home this afternoon - the best pair looking out from my Mona Lisa socks, a gift from a friend last year.


Counting down the days to the bank holiday weekend, when I am heading to Cornwall for a few days over Easter. Crossing fingers for sun!

8 March 2018


Madonna and the pickles
I really enjoyed this set up in Paris last week - this was in an Italian restaurant opposite where I was working and where I enjoyed a much anticipated glass of wine

26 January 2018

16 January 2018


Colour and sparkle galore last month - a birthday trip to Wembley with Mum