16 January 2019

New Work

New Year, New Work
Loved styling this Woodland story - really let the imagination run wild!
Full story here: www.josie-harris.com

15 January 2019

Second Hand

Last year I started an ongoing personal project - creating editorials while working exclusively with second hand clothing. Here is one of my favourite looks from an early shoot - modelled by the lovely Elise and shot be Andre Skjegstad.

11 January 2019


I spent 48 hours in Venice just before Christmas, a surprise trip for my birthday. Highlights included an essential Cicchetti taste test washed down with white wine across the city, uncountable shrines to various saints, the Grand Canal at Night and standing on the sun drenched but freezing cold balcony of St Marks Basilica. SO much fun.

Lunch at the Wheel

One last Pasty and an assault on some Cornish Charity shops before heading back to London after Christmas - quite literally filled a suitcase of treasure.

19 November 2018


Love this market holder's faux fur covered stool - bit of luxury on a cold, long day flogging handbags 

Anni Albers

Textile inspiration at the Tate Modern...

7 November 2018

Mme Moitessier

Portrait of Mme Moitessier, Ingres
Took him 12 years to get all that opulence right - he did the frame too

6 November 2018

My work has been very inspired by the colour and vibrancy of recent travel - pictured here are Latvian flowers in the central market. Managed to smuggle some back in our suitcases...

Layered monochrome

Bit of Everything

My favourite kind of clothing rail in my living room last week while prepping for a shoot. A bit of everything - bright, clashing patterns and textures - so uplifting! Can't waiting to see the published editorial.

23 October 2018


Accidental still life on location a couple of weeks ago. Our model had Harrisons' limited edition Doc Martens painted with the work of a renaissance artist.

Latvian Road Trip

A couple of weekends my friend and I set off to Latvia for a couple of days.
We rented a car and drove through miles and miles of Latvian forest, stopping at a sparkling lake for lunch we'd bought in the market

18 September 2018

Tube Lino Pebble Dash

Quite pleasing in its own way...

Market Molly

I was right at home at Molly Goddard's show this weekend, after spending so many years wondering around Shepherd's Bush market - and any other market I can find. It really is where I feel in my element! Oh - and Molly's clothes were breathtaking too.

17 July 2018

Badge Envy

On Portobello Road, 1979 Derek Ridgers
A push pin badge collection to be envious of.... General styling inspiration really

12 July 2018

Of a theme

Painted oyster shells used as markers at fisherman shacks at Leucate Port, puffed up meringues in the market and early morning shadows in nearby Narbonne - the French know how to run with a theme.

19 June 2018


While I didn't see any art while in Madrid recently - finding the perfect pair (or two) of espadrilles took precedent - I was reminded of a trip a couple of years ago to the Thysseen-Bornemisza where I loved this very un-Matisse still life
Yellow Flowers, Henri Matisse, 1902
Oil on Canvas

14 June 2018

Treasure hunt

As a stylist I'm always sourcing clothing - whether it's for me or a shoot often gets a bit tricky if I find any real treasure. This was such brilliant shop in Liverpool, lovingly curated and looked after by an elderly gentleman who was listening to Bjork while I sheltered from the rain and perused his rails.