31 January 2013

Alright Petal?

Neon rose petals
Offering an alternative to the norm this Valentines Day for all those budding romantics.

29 January 2013

Pope's Rings II

I often refer back to a blog post I wrote about Raphaels's painting of Pope Julius II, and his amazing rings. This weekend while at the Musee de Cluny in Paris, I saw some real Pope's rings up close and I really wasn't disappointed - they were enormous!!
These rings are even older than Raphael's painting and date back to c.1464, taking the trend for statement jewellery back to the 15th Century...

Oysters in the 18th

I got back from Paris yesterday after spending a long weekend walking, drinking coffee and wine in equal measures and staring at everything/one with my mouth wide open. A highlight of the trip was a morning spent in the 18th, where we chanced across a food market and stall selling oysters and white wine in plastic cups which locals were standing around knocking back and chatting. I just loved it - what a great way to experience my first oyster!

17 January 2013


While scouting for some inspiration online I unfortunately found that Valentino's ready to wear ss13 collection is annoyingly desirable.
This is my favourite. Long sleeve tartan ruffle dress - one to look out for.

16 January 2013

Trash & Treasure

The body of this woman carrying water is made from dried butterfly wings. Fear not:
An arguably strange buy, found at a car boot sale in Manchester's Trafford Centre. One of the reasons I like car boots, flea markets etc so much is because of the random, amazing things you can discover in the most unlikely places. Another favourite, also a find from our Northern friends (this time a flea market in Preston), is this Dave and Shirley name plate bracelet
One man's trash really is another man's treasure.

15 January 2013

Some Kind Of Love

'Put Jelly on Your Shoulder'
These jelly candles reminded me of the bizarre/scary lyrics drawled by Lou Reed for the Velvet Underground from the song 'Some Kind Of Love.'

Window Shopping, Take Two

I wrote a blog post about this beaded collar a few months back, which I saw in the window of a fabric shop in Shepherd's Bush. It's now featuring as a great addition to this ready made dress, which kind of looks like a mini skirt with the reflection of my legs and coat in the window.

14 January 2013

January Colour

I enjoyed these splashes of colour over the weekend, pre sleet and snow. Including pins for head scarfs
glittery ribbon
 and the world's most enormous hair clips ever!!
 Surely almost bigger than most people's heads.

7 January 2013

Berets and Brogues

I've been thinking about ideas for shoots and have been seeking inspiration high and low. While yet another 90s throw back is certainly not on the agenda, I did happen to come across a shoot in an 1994 edition of Italian Vogue that I thought captured the vibe particularly well. It probably helps Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista the models too.
Shot by Steven Meisel, the pictures capture the sultry school girl mood so well, without slipping in to being overtly sexy which can sometimes feel a bit wrong.
Food for thought.

Fog on the Thames

A misty (and grey) London afternoon by the river yesterday.
Charing Cross Bridge
Claude Monet
Charing Cross Bridge, Fog on The Thames
Claude Monet
 Monet was one of the first painters I remember learning about as a child, and going to see his water lily paintings at the National Gallery. I think his Thames paintings get better as they get more and more blurred. Monet came to live in England during the Franco-Prussian war, and was inspired by Turner and Constable.

2 January 2013

January Sale

 O N E  O F F
 S A L E
Was £25, now £20
Was £30, now £22
Was £28, now £22

January is well and truly here and so is One Off Style's Winter sale. All our looks have been reduced and are now more affordable than ever.