4 January 2011


This Christmas I watched a lot of films as we have just got a projector and can watch things on the big screen! Its really cool. And obviously all the clothes look a lot better big too. The best film I watched this Christmas, and probably now one of my most favourite films generally, was Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid - the soundtrack and photography are amazing. Kris Kristofferson is now my all time favourite cowboy, and has great outfits the whole way through. The Great Gatsby, Onegin and Roman Holiday were also amoung the best we watched. And Troy which I think counts as Greek Mythology revision for up and coming third year exams.

2 January 2011

Last Days of December

The last days of December always seem to slip past pretty quickly. My birthday is midmonth, and from then on in I find myself indulging in a haze of cheap (pretend) champagne and a comatising amount of food. I am ready for 2011, too much tinsel and gross chocolates with fruit cream centres, that always get left till the end, and always eventually get eaten even though no one likes them. Happy New Year!