30 April 2010

picnic dress

On the way to buy breakfast, Daisy bought this dress. It looks like a picnic blanket, but in the best way possible. And there was a bit left for living room decoration.


Urban Outfitters, £6


15 April 2010

Metal Hobby

I find it incredibly hard not to keep broken and discarded necklaces, bracelets and earings in the hope of giving them new life. The little baskets on the counters of charity shops are usually filled with tat, but you can find a few gems too. You can put pretty much anything on a chain, using safety pins if nothing else. I also can't really walk past a 20p gumball machine if it offers jewels of some description. In Manchester we usually use buying tonic as an excuse to have a go and get some 20p gems from the newsagents.


A1 Fabric on the Goldhawk road is one of London's finest shops, and has everything to indulge the takiest to the most classy of tastes. I'm one for the tacky unfortunately, so I took loads of pictures of sequins... and bought an iron on polar bear.


Love all of this. Sunday Times Magazine 11/04