29 September 2012


Yesterday while I was on the look out for presents for other people... I managed to find myself this bit of sparkly hot pink chiffon, picked from a cardboard box full of scrap fabric in the market. I really love it, although not sure what I'm going to use it for. 

28 September 2012

CHANEL (kind of)

The oddest take on Chanel I've seen so far. 
Let's hope Karl doesn't see this.

Picture of Post

I was sent this lovely picture last night from a happy One Off customer, wearing a Jessie Harris ring and with one of our vintage postcards that were sent to promote our Autumn/Winter collection. So glad both have gone down well.

Window Shopping

These prayer beads are a new addition to a fabric shop on Uxbridge Road, which is also opposite a Mosque. There are so many great variations. I also really like this necklace/collar from the same place, but I'd definitely look like a massive jerk wearing it.

27 September 2012

Stone Faced

This solemn bearded face caught my eye last night while walking along the river at Temple

26 September 2012

Beautiful Pawn Shop Jewels

I was reminded of a phrase from 'The Cheap Date Guide to Style' by this charm bracelet in the window of a pawn shop in Shepherd's Bush this morning, which always has quite unusual if expensive things
'Apart from the risk of getting mugged, we like the idea of having beautiful jewels rather than a savings account.'

More Inspiration

Love these images from COS magazine, which Tessa passed on to me this week
Which inspired me to update my desk's pin board:

25 September 2012

New Wallet

New leather wallet from a charity shop in Shepherd's Bush. Couldn't resist the chance for a bit of shameless publicity.

21 September 2012

Rainbow Dresses

I've always thought Hervé Léger dresses look slightly like extra skin tight bandages... in a good way? These rainbow numbers from 1995 are kinda great though. 
A friend of mine went to a private view at The Tate recently, which she said she enjoyed but wished she'd worn black... I can relate to that entirely, but at heart I think we will both always love a bit of rainbow

20 September 2012

Katharine Hamnett

I was reminded of Katharine Hamnett's amazing black and white campaigns today. There are some really good ones
 Hamnett's perhaps best known for her slogan protest T-Shirts, which she first made in the early 1980s and were worn and championed by popstars far and wide - that T-shirt in that Wham! video for example...
Here she is meeting Margaret Thatcher, who must have been trying very hard not to look at the blaring words of Hamnett's top.

Ring a Ding

 I have had a very long standing obsession with rings, my own and everybody else's.