30 June 2014


Every now and then I have a frenzied time pinning just about anything that I've collected over the past few weeks to the pin board in my room.  I've never been one for minimalism - despite all my best efforts.
This is my latest - a celebration of summer and thoughts of travel.

Embroidered plastic bag

Browsing AnOther online is one of my daily habits, particularly when in need of a bit of inspiration
This embroidered plastic bag made me think of the embellished bags that Ashish put down the SS14 catwalk
 I love these bags - such a great mix of playfulness and prettiness. Who wouldn't want a sequinned covered shopper?!

28 June 2014

Beaded Mules

So bad they're good? In my mind they are anyway.... 
Can't really see when I would wear these bad boys but where there's a will there's a way.
Bought for £2 in Traid, Shepherd's Bush
Next stop these guys:

23 June 2014

Frayed Jacket

I chanced upon a version of one of my top 5 summer essentials on the weekend - but lucky for me over £200 quid cheaper.
Marques Almeida, £275

Gap frayed collar jacket, £14.99
Love it when that happens.
I'm thinking about cutting the bottom off my Gap version as the more fray the better in my opinion... watch this space.

22 June 2014

Chris Marker

Stills taken from Chris Marker's 1962 film 'La Jetée', currently part of an exhibition of his work at The Whitechapel Gallery

The film is made of up of black and white photographs which come together to play out as a photo montage at varying speeds. It's an eery, unnerving film but worth seeing if only for all the beautiful shots of Hélène Chatelain, the film's heroine.

I especially love the couples' trip to a museum filled with taxidermy.


I first saw the film as part of my course in Manchester. Suitably the art history block backed on to Manchester Museum which was filled to the rafters with taxidermy and where I often ended up wasting time in between lectures and buying endless tatt.

20 June 2014

70s Summer

Venice beach in the 1970s looks like it was a great place to be

Top 5 for Summer

A job I saw advertised recently required applicants to write a list of 10 crucial style items for the summer ahead. These lists can often be a bit dull but (unsurprisingly) I found thinking about what my pieces would be pretty fun. It's not only my style but everything else that's done on a shoe string - it was nice to fantasise about a couple of dream items. I'm looking at you £200+ Marques Almeida jacket.

Here are a few of my essentials should anyone be interested:

1.       Adidas Gazelles, £65, Office
Hardly pushing the fashion boundaries, but I've barely taken mine off since buying them a few months ago. These are a classic 90s throw back to be worn with all manner of outfits. A friend of mine advised me to get these in black because you can always repaint dark suede once it starts to get ropey - top tip.

2.    Collarless denim jacket, Marques Almeida,  £275
It’s a luxury buy but one that you will wear and wear. This is an update on a classic piece - I love the frayed edges of this little jacket. Wear over a plain black dress with bronzed summer limbs.

3.       Notebook, Muji, 60p
Don’t lose track of a single thought - Muji offers the best array of stationary around and at only 60p you can keep one in every bag. 

4.       V-Neck Front and Back Dress, & OtherStories, £55
A good neckline can be both chic and sexy - it's what makes this black dress a winner. I love the slits up the midi length skirt too, avoiding any granny vibes.

 5.       Fiesta – The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, Waterstones, £5.99
No summer is complete without reading this tale of long hot days and nights, unrequited love and handsome bullfighters. A classic read to inspire thoughts of travel. 

16 June 2014


One of my favourite looks from my denim story shot by Jonny Mallen.
More to come soon...
Dress: MIH
Socks: Nike
Wallabees: Clarks
Hair and Make up by Linda Johannson