29 May 2010


Back in the day I wanted to be a textile designer - design the print for fabric and make my clothes out of them, and become famous and work for/own Liberty. But I have since realised that I can't draw, and my enthusiasm ran a little dry. Really didn't mean for these to all be floral.



24 May 2010

Head hedges

I never really get the point of hats and headresses like these, I would always feel like an idiot wearing them, but it always looks quite good in magazines. I like that these headresses actually look like hedges that have been transfered straight from ground to head.

Just remembered last summer when we made wreaths for our heads..I thought I was pretty cool then, so maybe I'm not too adverse to it


I like things that look and feel old, like tshirts that have gone soft and thin from hundreds of washes, and colour that has faded like Tom's shirt.

15 May 2010


An unintentional trend I seem to be following; lock and key earrings from one of those weird nutbar women who sell things by the side of the road off Brick Lane, and a belt ring from a charity shop in Manchester. I have been looking for a belt ring since I was about 16, after meeting a guy who had a really great thick gold one. It was quite Del Boy.

10 May 2010


The English Patient is probably not everyone's first choice for a saturday night, but I loved it.


I tore this photograph from a newspaper's magazine a few weeks ago, I forgot exactly who this is, but the article was about Laura Ashley, so maybe this is her? I really love her basket, an upgrade on the rucksack.

4 May 2010

Polar pocket

The polar bear I bought in A1 Fabrics, see below, now has a home. And, I really, really wish this ring of my mum's was mine

Pearl lane

Why can't everyone dress like this on brick lane instead?

Bank Holiday Pink Lunch

And spring coloured cocktails