13 January 2014

January sparkle

Sofia decked out in Louis Vuitton seems like a pretty good guideline for January dressing?
The campaign showcases Marc Jacobs' last collection for Louis Vuitton and features women he found most inspirational during his tenure with the fashion label, including faces such as Gisele and Edie Campbell.

12 January 2014

New Year

New Calender... better than the one I made last year.
This one is hand printed by a family friend, who also created this print a few years ago.

8 January 2014

A long time coming

It's been a long time coming. Almost 10 years since the boy with the Del Boy ring (see here).
A birthday and Christmas windfall allowed me to run in to a favourite Shepherd's Bush pawn shop and finally realise a teenage dream.

Suits you

A few looks from a tailoring shoot I styled at the end last year...

6 January 2014


I tried to give up saying 'babe' a few years ago - unfortunately I just said 'petal' instead. Christopher Kane obviously has suffered from this problem too judging from his SS14 collection

3 January 2014

Facing the Modern

I've finally got round to seeing the Viennese portraiture exhibition at the National Gallery. I don't know a lot about the period or the main painters featured - Egon Shiele, Gustav Klimt, Gustav Mahler - but really enjoyed the show, despite its really quite dark undertones.
Klimt, whose painting 'The Kiss' has seen a thousand mugs and placemats, painted some very beautiful portraits of dead women
Portrait of Ria Munk on her Deathbed
And one of the most moving drawings was by Egon Shiele, of his pregnant, dying wife
 Portrait of Edith Shiele Dying
But there were also lots of portraits of beautiful women in their Viennese finery, i.e lots of sartorial inspiration
Portrait of Maria
Josef Maria Auchentaller
Hermine Gallia
Gustav Klimt
The show skims the surface of what preoccupied Vienna at the turn of the century - I certainly left with a long list of things to google....and it's definitely worth a visit before it closes on the 12th January.

Sequined military