25 October 2012


I watched a really awful film while in Cornwall, 'Because I Said So', which stars Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore and the mother from Gilmore Girls... So perhaps it is unsurprising that it wasn't a cinematic triumph. Anything with Diane Keaton reminds me of Annie Hall - which I'm sure is the case with most people - and her tie/waistcoat/baggy trouser combinations.
I'm never sure if I love or hate this look. I have friends who can pull it off really well, I guess I'm just not one of them. More of a Patti Smith fan and her take on the androgynous look
I was interested to know who did the whole men's clothing thing first....so: Patti's album 'Horses' (above) which launched her into stardom was released in 1975 while Annie Hall hit cinemas in 1977. Go Patti.
I found this picture on the web of an Annie Hall face off. 
 Diane vs Kate
I think Diane wins this one, but it's Patti who trumps them all:
Patti onstage in 1978.