22 July 2015

Attic Fairy Tale

Unashamedly feminine, fairy tale like shoot by Lucinda Chambers and Corinne Day for Vogue 2002. I remember seeing this in Vogue at the time, tearing it out and keeping it in a folder of shoots that my best friend and I shared of things we loved.

Spain last week

Potentially my favourite meal ever - a beige (and v unfashion) one of Calamari and Ca├▒as
Spain last week where I spent 3 nights on holiday with my Mum, enjoying a largely liquid diet. It was 42 degrees after all...

10 July 2015

Dedication to a theme

I came across this 1997 Vogue shoot for the first time recently and was struck by how painterly these images look. Grave Coddington is the styling brains behind the story, with Steven Meisel behind the lens. I was totally captivated by these opulent, rich images - so different from the very natural and pared back editorials that are popular at the moment.
Coddington and Meisel have really captured the spirit of the roaring 1920s in America, when a sudden economic and industrial boom changed the way society behaved. The 'new woman' appeared on the scene - complete with a new wardrobe. For me this story by Coddington is so great because even though many of the clothes are contemporary, they are styled in a way that doesn't 'sell' them. I doubt many American Vogue readers rushed out and bought a feather boa. Instead this fashion editorial is dedicated to an age