31 August 2012

Liv Tyler, Empire Records

Love this gif of Liv Tyler from the film Empire Records. Love her outfit too.
Have a great weekend!

30 August 2012

Tallulah on an Island

Our first ever Style Profile which have since proved so popular, featured the lovely Tallulah Brown.
Lula has a way with words, describing her style as ' bit wacko - sass-pot granny meets fairy princess meets Russian peasant'. In other words, she was the perfect girl to start One Off's running features about individual and unique style.
Recently Tallulah sang a beautiful rendition of Van Morrison's 'Into The Mystic', on Desert Island Discs. The song was chosen by Castaway and (Lula's dad) Craig Brown.
I've listened to it about 100 times, you can too here:
For those that can't wait to hear our One Off songbird, skip to 35 minutes in.


Can't wait to shoot new looks for One Off's outfit gallery tomorrow... Some fantastic finds are about to be showcased. Stay tuned!

29 August 2012

Gift Wrap

You don't have to be buying a present from One Off to get treated to lovely wrapping like this. We wrap every single item differently - whether it's a new outfit or ring - so that you are getting a real One Off treat. And what's more - post and packaging is absolutely FREE within the UK!
We are currently working hard on some exciting Autumn/Winter developments... Stay tuned for more, and in the meantime browse the last of our summer sale as well as our gifts and accessories.

28 August 2012

Holiday Favourites

Spent today sorting things out after a holiday in Greece last week
I left feeling very smug with my packing, where I managed to get about 20 different outfit combinations in to a carry on bag. Even with so many options there were 3 favourite pieces which got the most air time:
This lilac gingham dress is too see through and too short (my fault after attacking it with scissors) for London but was perfect over a bikini
This oversized (obese man's) shirt was the dream cover up
And my hat bought last minute from a charity shop in Devon wasn't off for very long

16 August 2012

Brown Bags

The first is this brown leather fringed bag from a charity shop in Devon. May need a bit of careful styling to make it work but I'm hopeful. I like it as a clutch, as shown in the last picture.
The second bag is borrowed from Tessa and heralds the start of a long awaited holiday!!!
The day has finally come and I'm off on holiday tomorrow complete with a bursting bag. See you next week!

Daisy's Rings

Frances Costelloe

Have you seen One Off's latest feature?
This time we take you inside the home of Frances Costelloe, a freelance fashion consultant and friend of One Off. Take a tour through her room and closet here.
We are avid readers of Fran's blog at One Off, why not check it out for yourself?

8 August 2012

Creative Day at Hackney House

Spent a very interesting morning at 'Creativity Day' hosted by Hackney House, listening to two different panels of creative speakers whose talks centered around the relationship between their products or practices and the internet.
A wide range of topics were covered and items were even launched from the stage at one point, including Soreen and Richmond Sausages - you kinda had to be there.
My favourite quote of the day was from super cynicist and funny man Mr Bingo, who came out with 'EVERYTHING IS ART.' A slushy comment from a true cynic - but he was convincing.
Tons of free pamphlets and a Richard Nicholl tote too, woohoo!
Hackney House is open until the Olympic Closing Ceremony this Sunday, so if you're in the area you can go check the place out - it's open in the evening too.

7 August 2012

Dirty Knees Look at These

Well done to sister act Perran and Tegan Williams who with a group of others organised, curated and exhibited in a very fleeting pop up show currently on in South Kensington. The show was both unpretentious and exciting - full of great works by young artists at the start of their careers.
Pieces were selling all over the place! Including a ladder pasted with National Geographic images by One Off favourite Tegen.

Looking forward to the next show...

Check out the exhibition if you can before it closes: 7th & 8th August 2012, Firmdale Hotel, 18 Thurloe Place, SW7 2SP.

5 August 2012

Jeremy Deller

A surreal walk through my local park last week as I came across Jeremy Deller's travelling 'Sacrilege'. I was on my own and so chickened out of elbowing tiny screaming kids to bounce on Deller's blow up Stone Henge. Great to see so many people enjoying it.
I quickly got distracted by the fun fair though. Sucker for all that bright light, candy floss and tackiness. I love how over the top it all is.
More of all that right here.

3 August 2012

Wrapped up

I find it's the tiny things that are often most satisfying, and wrapping up and posting a One Off cross ring for our Twitter competition winner has definitely been a more enjoyable task of the day.