28 February 2013

Test Shoot Fabric #2

I've just got some photos back from a test shoot I did a couple of weeks ago. The vibe was flowing fabric - particularly as we were simultaneously creating a video (watch this space) - and texture. Lots of fun sourcing fabric from the market.
I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. I particularly like the first picture, as the maroon netting that I got for the shot was a great balance of light but structured and created some really beautiful shadow.
Photographer: Jonny Mallen
Make Up: Linda Johansson
Shot at Spring Studios


I went to the British Museum last weekend (to see an exhibition that opens in March...whoops), and came across a room of African textiles - 'Social Fabric: African Textiles Today'.
So many beautifully printed fabrics - and a few great slogans too. Really liked this bicycle print with girl power tagline:
Hung side by side by a mango print piece:
 But my favourite were probably the fabrics decorated by the faces of Barak Obama and Michael Jackson
Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. 
Click on the poster images below for more details:
Which, coincidentally, reminds me of a song I have listened to over a million times and has an amazing video:

25 February 2013

23 February 2013


I now have more snakeskin items of clothing in my wardrobe than you can shake a stick at (actually only 3 things but it still feels quite excessive)
They're much nicer in real life... I promise. They look here to be that in between high and low height, which is my absolute worst.
I've been wearing them with baggy rolled up stonewashed denim jeans - I like how that vibe looks like you were kind of playing dress up for the day and chanced across an outfit that really works. Never to be worn with black opaques.
 Yours if you're quick from the Primark sale for £6.

17 February 2013


I bought a multi pack of kids rings from Primark recently, which included this dangling anchor one.There's also one with a heart and shell - not bad for £1.50!

10 February 2013

Test Shoot Texture

Love the colours and textures of these fabrics left over from a test shoot I did at the weekend.

7 February 2013

Cold February

 All wrapped up in an old, slightly battered issue of French Vogue 2011 shot by David Sims and styled by Joe McKenna.
Much needed inspiration for prolonged winter dressing if this month's dismal weather forecast is anything to go by. I've nearly run out of enthusiasm for cold weather clothes and long for spring to arrive so I can get my ankles out and leave a couple of layers at home so that my jackets fit normally rather than being squeezed on rendering my arms virtually unable to move.


This week's wonder of the market:
No not the delicious marshmallow sweet treats, but these:
What are they? What are they for? Does anyone ever buy one?
I was tempted but I literally had no inspiration (yet) as to what I could do with it.

6 February 2013

Saint-√Čtienne-du-Mont, Paris

Calendar Girl?

I started to make a calendar towards the end of last year for my Dad's birthday but ran out of steam and time... I have kept what progress I made and am keeping it on my bedside table. I will be sad when I get to September and my cobbled together calender runs out.

3 February 2013

Saturday Market

Yesterday afternoon was spent in Shepherd's Bush Market seeking out and buying fabric. A favourite Saturday past time.
Tessa and I realised that we have never been to A. Cooke's Pie & Mash cafe, which is probably pretty embarrassing for me as I find so much time to talk about how much I love Shepherd's Bush. Must fix this soon.