26 October 2011


I saw this bracelet in a pawn shop in Shepherd's Bush market yesterday, and actually missed my bus I was so astonished by it. At first it was definitely just the price that got me - never seen anything like it in a pawn shop before.
The sovereigns, or bullion coins (coins made from precious metal kept as a store of value rather than used in commerce), date back from the early 20th century, and would obviously mean a lot to someone - they would have to for £1871. Since 1817 sovereigns have been made with the same specific standards that dictate weight, thickness and carat.
There was a definite stage at school, where girls wore sovereign rings to proclaim how badass they were. I remember Tessa and I spending a long time in Argos looking at rings for children that we could squeeze on to our hands.
They are really great, I still want one.
At work, my brother has just edited a really interesting book about gold, published by the Goldsmith Company. It tells of 25 gold facts, such as:


Charlie unintentionally matching her new nail polishes to our refreshments while charity shop shopping yesterday. I have been the Queen of nail polishes recently, dishing them out to friends near and wide for birthday presents and so on:
I got this selection for Rosa recently, as well as a red jewel version of my beloved cross from the market.


It would be hard not to notice the current trend for elbow patches on jumpers and coats, as well as contrasting fabrics on a single garment happening at the moment. At work we have had lots of requests for repairs to beloved jumpers and cardigans to be made in contrasting yarns, so that they are obvious and a statement. The winter before last, I crocheted elbow patches for a Primark cashmere cardigan I couldn't replace - it was in the midst of my student days, I loved the cardigan, couldn't afford a new one, and was really enjoying the fact that my newly learned craft could be utilised.
After finding some Jaegar cashmere yarn in a charity shop I also crocheted some cuffs, which I was, and still am, quite proud of:
Unfortuntely I enjoyed wearing this favoured cardigan so much that it is now in tatters, but still in pride of place on my clothes rail.

23 October 2011


Once again Rosa and I became culture vultures for the day last week
and visited the Victoria Miro gallery in East London. Doug Aitken was the main artist on show, with his film Black Mirror kind of stealing the spotlight. I was dubious if I'd like the film because of Chloe Sevigny's starring role - not really a fan of her. But it was good!
Stills from Black Mirror
The best bit about the film was probably the actual black mirrors that reflected the film over and over like a kaleidoscope.
These wall hangings were quite good too, but I kind of felt like I was in a super cool version of Habitat.
We found the canal afterwards, and accidentally walked to Angel
And then back again to East London, although we somehow got really, really lost. We had earned the bagels by the time we gobbled them.

21 October 2011

Tessa in 7days

A lot of what I wear is stolen/inspired by Tessa, especially because we live together. I am waiting for the day when Tessa creeps into my room after I've left for work, and steals something of mine (like I do to her all the time), it would be a big compliment. Here are her 7 days:
Tuesday 11th October
Army Jacket - Portobello (have worn it solidly for about five years)
Jumper - H&M
Jeans and socks - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
Bag - Louise Gray Show
DMs - Second hand
Wednesday 12th October
Fluffy Jumper - H&M. I spent the whole day in a world of fluff and my eyes got really itchy
Dress worn as skirt - H&M
DMs - as before
Necklace - Parts collected by Tessa - Shiva and baby Jesus. There used to be a policeman and Shakespeare too but they've fallen off :-(
Thursday 13th October
Jeans - Topshop
Stripey top - H&M
Knitted jumper - Charity shop
Black and white gingham socks - H&M
Lousie Gray bag - as before. I bought the black ghoul from the co-op but it fell off within two days.
Friday 14th October
Skirt - H&M
Tshirt - from Venice, turned inside out
Necklace - Topshop
DMs - as before
Saturday 15th October
Nirvana Tshirt - old ebay
Jeans - Topshop
Rucksack - H&M
Jacket - Portobello
Union Jack socks
DMs - as before, polished in Brighton!
Sunday 16th October
Oatmeal roll-neck jumper - Charity shop
Black Tshirt and Jeans - Topshop
Red velvet DM boots - Gumtree
Watch - Casio
Rucksack - Kipling
Necklace - Shiva and baby Jesus (as before)
Monday 17th October
Shirt - A friend
Jeans - Topshop
Red suede DM Boots - as before
Tuesday 18th October
Oatmeal roll-neck jumper -Charity shop
Tie-dye striped dress - Peacocks
Loafers - Russell & Bromley
Coat with leather arms - Zara
Bag - Grandpa's
Necklace - as before

Thank you Tessa!
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18 October 2011


I have always been a bit of a magpie, so when I read that metallic is apparently 'in' this season (such a bad expression) I knew I could dig out one or two things that were defiantly shiny. I really want to wear my Aladdin-esque sequin waistcoat more, but I never quite find enough guts to do so. Maybe this winter I will succeed.

Uxbridge Road

Fresh mint tea and 'cheesecake' in a new cafe on Uxbridge Road with George. We were lured in by the decor, it was the mirrored wall hangings that got me I think.

13 October 2011

Rosa and Richter

Seascape (Sea-Sea), 1970
Abstract Painting, 1992
Cathedral Corner II, 1988
Cloud, 1970 (part of a triptych)
Before Gerhard Richter's major show, Panorama (6 October 2011 - 8 January 2012) at the Tate Modern, I hadn't really seen/heard/read much about him. Which is embarrassing, since after reading all the reviews etc I have discovered that loads of people think he is amazing, and even the greatest living painter now Freud has died. I haven't seen enough, or know enough about Richter to make my mind up about him, but I really enjoyed his show when I went with Rosa yesterday. As I find a lot at the Tate, the show was massive - almost too big, and I am already planning another visit when I am less overwhelmed and there are less people about. I wanted to go wild in the shop and buy all the postcards, but my purse didn't allow me too - another reason to go back.
We also checked out the new Turbine Hall installation, a film by Tacita Dean. Really enjoyed that too, and was one of those annoying people that took a lot of photos, rather than just watch the film.
Rosa and I walked along the river to Embankment afterwards, where we found her perfect man nearby:
That just don't make them like they used to, so lovely and tall.

6 October 2011

Hannah in 7days

Hannah has always worn the best clothes in the most interesting way... I miss living with her, and not only because of her extensive and eclectic wardrobe! Here are 7days of outfits from Tdubbs herself: 
Thursday 29th September
Dress - Charity shop
Shoes - Russell & Bromley
Friday 30th September
Dress - old Marks and Spencer
Boater - Topshop
Shoes - can't remember
(Sassy) Saturday 1st October
Dress - 'Symphony', borrowed from best friend
Vintage leather tasseled jacket - again borrowed from same friend
Sunday 2nd October
Tshirt - Marc Jacobs sale
Shorts - from a friend, from Topshop I think
Iron on patch - from a rasta in Brixton Market 
Studded belt - my Mum's
Trainers - Converse
Monday 3rd October
Dress - Traid, Brixton
I imagine a granny made this dress years ago. I haven't worn it all summer, forgot how eye catching it is.
Tuesday 4th October
Vintage hounds-tooth skirt - Haynes Lane Market, Crystal Palace
White Blouse - Agnes B
Jacket - Charity shop
Chanel handbag - Brick Lane market
Shoes - Russell & Bromley
My trying to find a job outfit. Screams respectable.
Wednesday 5th October
Gang Gang Dance Tshirt - Triology Tapes
Metalhead Hoodie - Copson Street
Pisces necklace - Preston flea market
Addidas pendant - Addidas
Walter tote Bag -My Grandad's old company

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