29 June 2011


I've always really liked this painting by Picasso, of a woman wearing a mantilla (La Salchichona, 1917). This weekend while in Spain, I was lucky enough to see quite a few real life mantilla's in action, as the small village where I was staying, a couple of hours from Madrid, held a procession in honour of Corpus Christi. The village set up several little altars around the place, where the parade would stop off and the priest would do his bit. The ground around the altars were covered with grass and herbs that smelled very strongly in the dry heat. People hung their best tablecloths out the window to celebrate (the area in which we were staying is famous for its embriodery). Everyone dressed up to the nines - women with very high espadrilles wedges and men with slicked hair, chinos and suede shoes.


While at Daisy's flat today I found it incredibly hard not to unpack/steal her belongings which have only just made it back from Manchester to London, in big bags, and very temptingly scattered in corners of the flat. I had to restrain from slipping these two pairs of sunglasses from Preston flea market in my pocket. Also very envious of Daisy's homemade Alice in Wonderland painting overalls.

21 June 2011


I can't work out if this sign in a shut down pub on Askew Road in Shepherd's Bush is a joke or not

19 June 2011

Things keep being left outside this house on my road, presumably for people to take. Yesterday's selection was this ironing board, rose painting and cat picture. They sort of look like someone has arranged them on purpose like this... Today there was an array of flowerpots. Looking forward to tomorrow's booty.


Pat Butcher looks at home here in my bedroom.

Old Shirt

I am going to Spain next week for a couple of days and am avoiding digging out my Primark black bikini that I have had for 3 years, incase I find it has finally perished. I would quite like this Michael Kors bikini if money were no option. Although maybe without the weird cape thing. I generally find sarongs quite offensive so tend to wear discarded shirts from my parents. I love these two because they are massive and have great prints that for some reason don't look so garish in hot countries.

17 June 2011


Looking lovely in her clogs


Hannah took me to see Wu-Tang Clan a couple of nights ago. Cappadonna nodded to us as we were drinking our drinks before the gig started. Don't really know who he is, but stoked! I found these pictures of Hannah making Wu-Tang pancakes last Shrove Tuesday. I love how she is wearing my Morrissey tshirt while painting the W onto her pancake - eclectic music taste. I'm pretty sure we had some savoury options for pancake fillings but it doesn't look like it judging by the nutella, sugar, lemon and golden syrup scattered around the table. And Tdubb's favourite - Iron Bru to wash it all down.

13 June 2011

Real Life Railway Children

Hermione and I spent a few days in Cumbria a week or so ago. Min was making a short film for her last piece of work for her degree. Trains go past the house a couple of times an hour but none of them are as romantic as this steam train that we waited nervously for on the bridge. It was quite a cloudy day so the steam of the train seemed to suddenly appear from nowhere at the same time as the coal train going the opposite way. It looks amazing in the film which also included cupid heads of ice with roe deer blood in the middle, made by Min, and which would slowly change from bright white to pink to red as they melted in the river near by. Might become a train spotter now I've finished my degree?