21 December 2014

Rembrandt: The Late Works

I've jostled for a place at a free bar and in the queue at the Zara January sale but neither rivals the fierceness of the O.A.P's at the National Gallery earlier this week, who joined me in seeing 'Rembrandt: The Late Works'
Self Portrait, drawing on an Etching Plate, 1658
The exhibition was packed with avid Rembrandt fans. I experienced a personal first at an exhibition - a gentleman tapping me on the shoulder while I was listening to the audio guide and asking me to explain the painting in front of me. He didn't hang round for long.
A Young Woman Sleeping, c.1654
The work was varied and interesting - there's obviously a lot to know about Rembrandt. Sounds like he had a pretty eventful (if not tragic) private life alongside his prolific artistic output.
Juno, 1662-5
I loved Juno's opulent get up in particular.

Rembrandt:The Late Works is on at The National Gallery until January 18th 2015.