19 June 2018


While I didn't see any art while in Madrid recently - finding the perfect pair (or two) of espadrilles took precedent - I was reminded of a trip a couple of years ago to the Thysseen-Bornemisza where I loved this very un-Matisse still life
Yellow Flowers, Henri Matisse, 1902
Oil on Canvas

14 June 2018

Treasure hunt

As a stylist I'm always sourcing clothing - whether it's for me or a shoot often gets a bit tricky if I find any real treasure. This was such brilliant shop in Liverpool, lovingly curated and looked after by an elderly gentleman who was listening to Bjork while I sheltered from the rain and perused his rails.

Late afternoon and early morning, Madrid

Just home from a few days in Spain - an adventurous train trip from Madrid to Seville with a couple of nights in the mountains. The start of the journey in Madrid was sandwiched with visits to one of my favourite bars near Atocha station, busy all day and through the night.

1 June 2018

Chasing Pavements

Liverpool paving slabs.
Simon Faithful's artwork consists of 181 drawings made while on a container ship which travelled from Liverpool (UK) to Liverpool (Nova Scotia). The drawings were then sand blasted in to cement slabs and glass and can be found all over the British city.