15 February 2015

Off the rails

The organised chaos I created today on set, making use of any spare surface I could drape or hang my artist's clothes over. Shoot pictures coming soon

12 February 2015

A great tan, flower head dress and embellished gown - details from a guided tour round Dulwich Picture Gallery from my dear friend Tom

4 February 2015

Sigmar Polke

A guy after my own heart - lover of socks
Socken, 1963
Sigmar Polke
And pink wafers
Keske, 1964 
Sigmar Polke
Managed to catch Polke's exhibition at the Tate Modern just before it closes on the 8th February.
Worth a visit if you get the chance between now and then!

Charity Wakefield

I swapped Charity Wakefield's Tudor gowns and corsets for far more relaxed fare recently, when Liz Seabrook shot the actress for Oh Comely Magazine. Charity is currently starring in the BBC 2 historical drama 'Wolf Hall', based on Hilary Mantel's hit novels.  See what she has to say about the role here