18 April 2011


Bizarre mint offer at the till paying for dinner. Never seen a bowl full of polos before

Purple Yellow

I know everyone loves flowers, and spring and warmer weather. But not everyone shares their name with Goldhawk Road's finest (only) florist! The house covered in wysteria is nearby where I live and so much better in real life. Rosa's got nice tulips too

11 April 2011

Choc Ices

Why aren't they more popular? Another post about nice packets and labels, sorry. Seem to be having a bit of a pink phase too, hope this means I can still be edgy.

Spring Buds

Back in London for the Easter holidays. Holiday being the wrong word really, just a casual 12,000 word dissertation to write in 2 weeks. But, snatched moments like this in Molly's garden - Catherine and Rosa doing a good job of coordinating cups with their outfits.