6 October 2011

Hannah in 7days

Hannah has always worn the best clothes in the most interesting way... I miss living with her, and not only because of her extensive and eclectic wardrobe! Here are 7days of outfits from Tdubbs herself: 
Thursday 29th September
Dress - Charity shop
Shoes - Russell & Bromley
Friday 30th September
Dress - old Marks and Spencer
Boater - Topshop
Shoes - can't remember
(Sassy) Saturday 1st October
Dress - 'Symphony', borrowed from best friend
Vintage leather tasseled jacket - again borrowed from same friend
Sunday 2nd October
Tshirt - Marc Jacobs sale
Shorts - from a friend, from Topshop I think
Iron on patch - from a rasta in Brixton Market 
Studded belt - my Mum's
Trainers - Converse
Monday 3rd October
Dress - Traid, Brixton
I imagine a granny made this dress years ago. I haven't worn it all summer, forgot how eye catching it is.
Tuesday 4th October
Vintage hounds-tooth skirt - Haynes Lane Market, Crystal Palace
White Blouse - Agnes B
Jacket - Charity shop
Chanel handbag - Brick Lane market
Shoes - Russell & Bromley
My trying to find a job outfit. Screams respectable.
Wednesday 5th October
Gang Gang Dance Tshirt - Triology Tapes
Metalhead Hoodie - Copson Street
Pisces necklace - Preston flea market
Addidas pendant - Addidas
Walter tote Bag -My Grandad's old company

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