26 October 2011


It would be hard not to notice the current trend for elbow patches on jumpers and coats, as well as contrasting fabrics on a single garment happening at the moment. At work we have had lots of requests for repairs to beloved jumpers and cardigans to be made in contrasting yarns, so that they are obvious and a statement. The winter before last, I crocheted elbow patches for a Primark cashmere cardigan I couldn't replace - it was in the midst of my student days, I loved the cardigan, couldn't afford a new one, and was really enjoying the fact that my newly learned craft could be utilised.
After finding some Jaegar cashmere yarn in a charity shop I also crocheted some cuffs, which I was, and still am, quite proud of:
Unfortuntely I enjoyed wearing this favoured cardigan so much that it is now in tatters, but still in pride of place on my clothes rail.