14 September 2012

Friday Fuzz

I am ready for the weekend as today I found myself spending a lot of time staring at things. Maybe with good reason though, as I had two exciting arrivals from the postman:
A new rubber stamp. When I was little I had a bit of an obsession with stamps. I especially liked the ones that librarians had where you could change the date everyday. I don't really need one of those, but I'm tempted.
The second was the arrival of a book I ordered after a dizzingly great encounter with Bay Garnett, her book 'The Cheap Date Guide to Style'. Full post to follow. It's great.
I spent quite a lot of time looking at my rather untidy shelf stuffed full of jumpers. Is it really time for chunky knitwear? Bare legs and big jumpers might be on the agenda, as I generally dare myself not to wear tights til October
Lastly, my pin board must be feeling a bit worse for wear after I came across lots of postcards while tidying up this week. I love these lemons and oranges. Unfortunately it's a Russian postcard so I can't tell you anything about it.
Have a great weekend!