22 April 2012

Beaded Breakfast

Last week Tessa and Rosa took me to see the new Liza Lou exhibition at White Cube, Hoxton Square. Tessa had done a good job getting me interested in Liza Lou's work prior to the visit. It was a bit disappointing as what was exhibited differed such a lot to her earlier work, some of which I think is incredible - a beaded kitchen!!  Instead it was a lot more reserved:
Untitled #8, 2011
Untitled #1, 2011-12
Zulu Love Letter No.2, 2011-12
I do actually quite like these particular pieces and enjoyed seeing them at the show, but wasn't blown away by the exhibition at all. The intensity of her earlier works such as 'Kitchen' (below) had eased and the beads no longer seemed to make the statement that they could rival paint, but instead simply mimicked it.
Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and I generally love anything breakfast related... This probably explains why Liza Lou's 'Kitchen' is such a hit with me, it comes complete with fried eggs
Kitchen, 1995 
For anyone who wants to know a bit more, here is an enjoyable read in the form of W Magazine's feature on Lou a few years back. And just for good measure, here is another beaded post from Bethnal Green Road last summer.