25 February 2012

Fleeting Visits

Opposite the colour at Issey Miyake (below) was Hauser & Wirth. Tessa, Rosa and I spent a few fleeting moments looking at the exhibition that is currently on - Volume by Michael Raedecker, showcasing vast canvases made up of strips sewn together with heavy embroidery over thick paint.
Presentation, 2011-12
I wasn't entirely sold on it, but there were a few pictures I quite liked, and at least I wasn't suffering from an excruciatingly embarrassing giggling fit brought on by Tessa and our trip to see Sarah Lucas' work at Sadie Coles Gallery only moments before.
MumMum, 2012
It seemed particularly fitting that Raedecker's thread and needle focused show was on Saville Row - I loved peering down into Tailor's workshops below shiny shop windows filled with extremely sharp suits and ties.