3 May 2012

Amber Rose

On my way to vote this morning I got a bit side tracked, and bought this perspex rose ring from a charity shop on the Askew Road. It conjures up images of 'funky' hippy art teachers to me, in a great way.
It later reminded me of the amber collection my Grandpa very carefully collected. The amber was displayed on under-lit glass shelves and I wasn't really allowed to touch them (I was one of those kids that spilled every drink at every meal etc) but I remember these amazing orbs of amber with insects trapped and suspended inside. I was completely transfixed by them. They looked a bit like this:
These pictures aren't doing my memories justice sadly.
I once bought a piece of green amber in a gold setting from a street stall in Camborne, knowing nothing at the time of its rareness. Its supposed to be lucky, which is a shame because I have no idea where it is.