14 October 2014

The Last Great Adventure is You

I took a trip South of the river last week to see Tracey Emin's latest offering at White Cube, Bermondsey. I hadn't been to the gallery since some friends of mine were interning there years ago, fresh out of uni. Bermondsey street is now packed full of cafes, delis, bars and pubs - and people enjoying lunch out of the office. I resisted the urge to spend a days wages on one meal, but it was very tempting.
Emin showcased a range of what she's now so well known for, including plenty of nudes, sex and neon phrases. I loved her neons. For me they only just fell shy of being ridiculously cheesey.
Out of what felt like millions of nudes, my favourite were the enormous bodies sewn in to calico, framed and hung high and low in one room. The heavy fabric puckers and pushes against the frames, somehow making the work more real and hand crafted.
Definitely worth a trip to Bermondsey to see for yourself. 
The exhibition is on until 16th November, and is free.